Summer Classes at Wise Learning Center:

  • All Classes Meet Monday – Thursday 1:00 to 4:00 each week unless otherwise notated
  • There will be two separate classes for each topic: a class for 5 to 8 year olds and a class for 9 to 12 year olds

Photography (2 week class) June 20th – June 30th:  Students will learn the art of photography with a culminating project consisting of a portfolio project containing photography; either in hard copy or through a slide show. Students will learn how taking photographs of everyday things can create interesting photography. Students will explore topics of identifying mood within their photos, how  to take photos with different depth perceptions and light sources, and how editing photos can change their effects.

Magic (1 week class) July 5th – July 8th (Tuesday through Friday due to the July 4th holiday):  Students will learn new ways to amaze others with their magic skills! Students will learn the history of magic as well as learn about some famous magicians; all while learning the trips and tricks needed to become magicians themselves. Students will use everyday household items in their magic tricks to ensure they can practice and demonstrate their tricks even after the class has ended.

Acting (2 week class) July 11th – July 21st:  Students will learn the art of acting while being able to freely express themselves. Focus will include learning about movement, voice, and staging. Students will first learn the skills needed to be an actor/actress and will then use those skills to ultimately put on a performance at the end of the two week class. Students will also take place in designing a set and creating props necessary for the performance.

Lego Club (2 week class) July 25th – August 4th:  Our students will get their engineering minds working as they devise solutions to various scenarios. Students will be encouraged to use creativity to think outside the box and develop original solutions to given problems using legos. Students will also engage in lego challenges that may include building with only a certain number of bricks or having to incorporate a specific design element into their creation.

Outdoor Adventures (1 week class) August 8th – August 11th:  Students will explore nature and the world around us. Students will learn about outdoor survival techniques including how to build a shelter, how to tie various knots, and understand different animal tracks in addition to other outdoor education topics. In addition to outdoor adventures, students will learn the importance of teamwork.