Program Evaluation

To get your child started at Wise Learning™, you must schedule a Program Evaluation. This is a one hour appointment with a Director who will design a program to meet all of your child’s learning needs. The Director will meet with your child for the first 45 minutes to evaluate specific learning needs. Parents are invited to join the session for the remaining time in which specific details for your child’s program are discussed. A complete records review is also included as part of this evaluation. You may choose to bring copies to the appointment or drop them off prior to the appointment. We strive to make all programs affordable to all families regardless of financial standing. Sliding Scale Pricing and Payment Plans are available upon request and with proof of financial hardship. In addition we accept most major credit cards.

Create a Comprehensive Program

After your child’s program evaluation, a comprehensive program is designed and tailored to your child’s specific needs. Since all students needs change with growth, all programs are reviewed by a Director on a daily basis. This is done through online session notes required of all of our teachers as well as regular observations. In addition to the learning programs, we stay in communication with therapists, teachers, and all other professionals who are involved with each student. This not only ensures the development of a comprehensive program, but also helps with the generalization of skills to all environments creating a lifetime of learning success.

  • Wise Learning™ Program Directors design unique learning programs to meet the needs of each student
  • Wise Learning™ instructors are specially trained to help students optimize their individual learning styles
  • One-on-one instruction
  • All teachers are certified
  • Programs designed and overseen by a director
  • Engaging, multi-sensory lessons
  • Leverage students’ learning styles
  • Develop strategies to overcome learning challenges