The Wise Learning Center received a call from a mother who was very worried about her child. Her child is dyslexic, and with this learning difference the child experienced a lot of difficulty reading. The parent was worried that her child would start fall behind in school without some extra help. We reassured her that we understood her concerns completely, and that Wise Learning Center provides an excellent learning disability tutor Fairfield parents can totally rely on. Wise Learning Centers have trained specialists in learning differences tutoring. Our tutors would be pursuing curricula developed by our expert program directors and are adept at working very closely together. All of the Wise Learning Centers’ instructors have an area of expertise that will be matched with your student’s needs, and our program directors can design unique learning programs based on notes made by the instructor during and after each tutoring session.

The parent was excited to hear that Wise Learning Center was able to assist her child, and we could provide an appropriate tutoring service for the young student. The parent registered her child for our one-on-one tutoring service. She contacted us a couple of weeks ago outside of our weekly sessions to let us know that her child is really doing great since the tutoring began. It seems like it was a great relief to the parent to be able to get their child the help they need, and they also are amazed that doing so doesn’t involve a horrible commute or an incredibly costly service. At our Wise Learning Centers we are simply happy to give another bright student the help they need to succeed.