The Wise Learning Center was recently contacted by parents in Ridgefield. The parents informed us that their daughter was really into board games and computer programming, but didn’t believe her writing skills were as developed as her peers. She really wanted to be able to express herself with words, so she asked her parents if they could find her a tutor in Ridgefield. Her concerned parents contacted us at the Ridgefield Wise Learning Center for help.

One of our program directors met with them and let the parents know that we could help their daughter. The Wise Learning Center staff would be able to aid their daughter with her writing skills, which would contribute to the overall confidence she needed to express herself in the way that she wished. The parents enrolled their daughter in our tutoring services, and within just a couple of weeks the daughter’s writing skills drastically improved. She is now writing daily in her private diary and just applied to volunteer at the school’s newspaper. The parents have not regretted their decision to come to the Wise Learning Center for the most qualified tutor Ridgefield students would appreciate, but also the student is much happier now, because she has the confidence to express herself fully in her writing. She is more outgoing and confident and is even talking about becoming a professional writer after college. The parents are thrilled that they have seen a drastic change with their child. She is now happier and more creative thanks to her own enthusiasm and our tutoring services.