Our staff at Wise Learning Center was contacted by concerned parents. The parents had a child who was in middle school and he was not receiving very good grades in his math classes. The parents had tried everything to improve his grades, and truly believed he was capable of the succeeding in his coursework. The young man was also very interested in improving his grades, but wasn’t sure why he was struggling. They tried private home tutors and even working with him themselves, but they had no luck. His parents took him to a Fairfield tutor at our Wise Learning Center to see if we could be of help.

The parents are thrilled with the progress that their son has shown being with the Fairfield tutor at Wise Learning Center. It seemed that all the student needed was a little more individual attention with a patient instructor, because now he is on top of the subject and derives satisfaction from his course of study. The parents realized that even when they hired private tutors for their son that they would not take the time to actually show their son what he needed to learn, and all they did was just give him assignments instead of working with him in the context of his developed skill set. The tutor at the Fairfield Wise Learning Center had the patience and the skills to see that their son just needed a few new methods so he could work on each problem without being overwhelmed. The middle schooler is happier now with his math class at school and is actually participating with the class to a greater degree because his confidence has risen significantly.