Wise Learning Center Helps Teens with Ridgefield Tutoring and Summer Camps
Small Groups: 

4 to 6 students
Social skills/team building: Our classes are designed to increase self-esteem and self-regulation through interactions with others.  We will teach students new conflict resolution strategies that will be applied through various techniques including modeling and acting out.  Team building activities are designed to increase positive peer interactions while practicing and developing new strategies for successful social interactions.
Functional and everyday life math skills: Students will work on setting priorities, money management, and planning at our Ridgefield Learning Center.  Students will learn and practice the skills needed to make future purchases while developing their understanding of finances and how it fits into everyday life.  Students will practice creating a budget and understanding money through activities such as planning a vacation or making purchases related to a personal enjoyment.
Secondary life skills: The priority of this class will be to increase independence of secondary  life skills for the future.  Topics will include exploring hobbies and areas of interest for future employment, learning cooking skills while relating it to making healthy choices, and time management.  Students will explore various educational paths and/or job opportunities related to individual interests.  Students will learn how to cook basic meals while understanding the importance of making healthy choices.  Students will engage in activities that promote the importance of time management while learning new strategies to keep them on track.
L.I.F.E summer camp schedule
Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Session 1: June 20th – July 15th
Session 2: July 18th – August 12th
Cost: $1600.00 per 4 week session