We recently received feedback from a student and we’d like to share it with you. This student attended one of our teen social groups and afterwards agreed with us that she was fairly skeptical going in. We were very glad that she enjoyed herself and are always happy when someone who uses services from our Fairfield Learning Center can really benefit from what we can offer them.

Wise Learning Centers offer social group sessions, which allows students to socialize and learn about their peers and themselves. The student had been feeling a lot of pressure from school because she spent a majority of her time studying and worrying about grades. Her parents felt she didn’t spend enough time with her classmates and (with a bit of reluctance from their child) signed her up for one of our social groups. She told us later that she panicked for a short time when her parents told her about this, and that only made us very glad that she had decided to come to the social group and also that she was able to enjoy herself.

She told us that she didn’t realize that it is important to be social as a teenager. She is still pretty worried about school, but is also trying to be more balanced. She told us that she is now attending dances, football games, and parties with her classmates because of what she learned at the social group and with the friends she made at Wise Learning Center. It was really fulfilling to hear from her and we are so glad that we were able to contribute to the happiness and success through our services at our Learning Center in Fairfield.