A football player was in need of Fairfield tutoring because he was falling behind in his reading abilities. One of his friends on the team let him know that he had been going to the Wise Learning Center. His friend had experienced difficulty with some of the same material, but now seemed to be excelling in his studies.

The football player came by the Wise Learning Center with his mother and enrolled in Fairfield tutoring. After just a few sessions he started to improve greatly after being shown some skills to help him in his overall comprehension ability. The skills that the tutor taught him made reading easier and enjoyable for the student. He is now tackling more difficult novels simply to enjoy reading and not just for his classes after spending time with us at Wise Learning Center. The young athlete has a far better understanding of what he is reading and is reading for leisure more frequently, which is something he never did in the past. His mother was quite impressed with our tutors, and she mentioned that her son would never have just opened up a book and read fun, but ever since he started the tutoring in Fairfield he is spending more time reading and less time playing video games. To her this is a major improvement in terms of her son’s academic achievement. Wise Learning Center in Fairfield provides professional, one-on-one tutoring for all students.