We truly believe that some of the best sessions happen over the summer! Students have less work allowing us more time to focus on the areas that each student really needs to focus on. Our teachers custom design programs that will fill in foundation skill holes, pre-teach for the upcoming school year, and, if needed, help complete all assigned summer work. Below is a glimpse of our 2017 summer programs:

Please call (203) 403-3546 or email info@wiselearningcenters.com

Wise Academic Camps

  • M-Th from 9am-1pm (2 to 4 students per class, grouped based on age and ability)
  • Running all summer long (mix and match to pick your weeks around your summer plans)
  • Mix of academics, social skills, enrichment activities, and hands on activities to enhance learning

General Tutoring, Summer 1-on-1 Services

  • Recommended 3 hours per week
  • Focus on skills and strategies that will help for the upcoming school year
  • Assist in getting summer work completed

Summer Foundations

  • 20 Hours per Week
  • Intensive program to get student when they need to be in current placement.

Summer SAT/ACT Prep

  • Get custom designed strategies based on your learning style and personality to master these tests without the pressure of school.
  • Full practice tests with scores and reports available in 24 hours!

Transition Program

  • For those who graduated high school and are transitioning into college
  • Executive function, pre-teaching, college style writing, and more.

Learning Labs

  • 1-on-1 intensive 8 hour workshop designed to focus on one skill, such as reading, writing, math, etc.
  • Each learning lab is designed to be completed within a 4 day period
  • Great for mastering higher level skills in one academic area

**Referral Bonus: We will give a $100 tutoring credit to any family that refers a new family that signs on with us in the summer. Help us spread the word!**