We were contacted by parents of twins who were in a lot of the same classes at school. The parents believed their children were smart, but also described them as a bit rowdy. They apparently were always getting into schemes and not always focusing on their schoolwork. The parents wanted to bring the boys to a learning center in Fairfield for a supervised study hall where they could get their work done quickly. The parents were drawn to the idea of an instructor being available for the students to ask any questions they might have, or if they needed any assistance with their work. The parents enrolled the twins in supervised study hall at the Wise Learning Center in Fairfield.

The parents were very happy with their choice of visiting with the Wise Learning Center and are thrilled that they enrolled their sons in the supervised study hall, because now the twins are actually getting their work done. Before they were enrolled in the study hall they would wait until the last minute to get their homework done and often it was rushed and not done accurately. Now that they are at the learning center in Fairfield the kids are able to get help with any work that they are having trouble with. The parents thought their twins would  hate the study hall, but they absolutely love it because they have met new friends. They now look forward to going to the Wise Learning Center so they can do their school work done quickly and effectively.