Wise Learning Center received a call from a concerned parent seeking tutoring in Ridgefield, CT. The parent wanted to sign their middle school student up for a one-on-one hour tutoring sessions in reading. The middle school student started falling behind in the reading comprehension skills class during the school year, and was assigned lengthy reading to do over the summer break. The student was really having a hard time with the reading list, and the parents needed to have tutoring done for the student quickly.

Wise Learning Center scheduled the middle school student for a one-on-one hour tutoring sessions. The one-on-one tutoring sessions are personalized, customized, and individualized attention from the teacher. The middle school student started his one-on-one hour tutoring sessions, and the parents immediately starting seeing amazing reading results. The parents were thrilled that the tutoring sessions increased the reading comprehension skills so effectively. The parents said that not only did their child’s reading improved, but their child understands what they are reading, and actually enjoys it. This is something the parents never thought they would ever see because their child initially despised reading. The parents really had a difficult time in getting their child to read.

Wise Learning Centers are the tutoring specialists that parents can trust and depend on in Ridgefield, CT. The one-on-one tutoring sessions are personalized and crafted by our program directors to fit each child’s needs, so your child will be working on exactly what they need for success and excellence.