We recently had a visit from three previous students. These three students came to the Ridgefield Wise Learning Center to let the staff and instructors know that they were all three accepted and attending the universities they had applied for (and wanted to be accepted to most). They attributed this in part to the excellent training they had received in preparation for their college entrance exams, and were in the area so they stopped by to let us know how glad they were that they had committed to the SAT prep classes in Ridgefield CT that Wise Learning Centers offers.

The three students informed the staff and instructors that the reason they were able to score so high on their SAT tests were using the skills and strategy tools that they learned while attending their prep class. All three students were enrolled in the SAT prep classes Rtogether during  the previous year, and once they took their SAT test and received their results the students were able to apply to their respective schools which accepted them in due form. The students couldn’t stop thanking the instructors and staff at the Wise Learning Center, because without the staff and instructors knowledge and assistance the students would have not received scores to help them on their way. The Wise Learning Center SAT prep classes in Ridgefield offer high school students a multitude of benefits in a friendly and productive environment. The instructors are all well qualified and certainly able to teach high school students to strategize their test-taking method appropriately. Our Wise Learning Centers are bastions of success and excellence especially when it comes to the otherwise stressful and intimidating college entrance exams.