A group of students at the Wise Learning Center were registered together for an SAT prep class at our learning center in Ridgefield, CT. The students were all studying for college entrance exams, and their parents knew that Wise Learning Center could help them improve their test scores giving them skills and test strategies that our instructors teach at all of the Wise Learning Centers. The group of students all started to bond in the group sessions, and they all became close friends as their class drew to a close. None of the students seemed to put up much of a fight when their respective parents mentioned the idea of enrolling in more learning center programs, and a couple of the kids from the SAT prep class even suggested it.

The group of students who were initially enrolled in the Wise Learning Center SAT prep class together were able to help each other study for this very important exam, and many of the students did not think they would get along so well when they first met quickly found common ground within a diverse group. It doesn’t always happen to this extent with each year of upperclassmen studying for their big tests, but it is always nice to see something so positive come as a result of an important an often stressful exam.

Our Learning Centers offers other services besides the SAT prep classes, so please give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss them with you. We have a reputation for excellence in each program and class that we provide for our students.