Parents of a student in Ridgefield recently contacted us at Wise Learning Center. The parents were looking for information on helping their child succeed in advanced studies in science. Our Wise Learning Center staff invited the family to come to the learning center so we could discuss their daughter’s Ridgefield alternative school options. The parents arrived at the Ridgefield location and we started showing the family around our learning center.

The parents and the child wanted to focus more on science classes, and once they discovered what we could provide for the young learner the parents decided to enroll her in our alternative school to focus her instruction on more practical fields. This is exactly what the student needed. It has only been a couple of weeks and she has already demonstrated proficiency in a number of practice exams that, once taken in earnest, will leave her in a very good position when she goes off to college. The Wise Learning Center’s alternative school in Ridgefield continues to provide the student with the tools and confidence she needs to pursue her goals. Our instructors work with her one on one so she could effectively learn the STEM material that she is interested in. The student not only has excelled, but she has applied to a few of the top colleges in the country and has been accepted. She said she owes it all to the patient and qualified instructors at Wise Learning Center.