The parents of a middle-schooler in advanced classes came to us recently. Her parents thought she might have a chance at getting into a university early, and she was very excited about that, too. Before she could get that chance, though, the parents thought that she would benefit from taking classes to prepare her. They enrolled her in our Ridgefield ACT prep courses to prepare for the exam early.

The student was getting ready to arrive for her first class and was quite nervous, but when she arrived she noticed that the class was a smaller group of teens who were all nice and welcoming. The prep classes taught her different strategies and skills that would assist her in getting a high score on the ACT. The student also had individual tutoring sessions with a qualified instructor. The student has taken a practice ACT test and scored very high, and she knows that she is almost ready to take the test and get the score that she wants. She is looking forward to hopefully being accepted to a great school, and her parents believe that she may be eligible for scholarships because of age and dedication. Her parents stopped in the last time they picked up their daughter to let our instructors know that we are doing a great job. They told us that she is also really doing great, and has more confidence than ever. They thanked us here at our Learning Center for providing excellent ACT prep courses in Ridgefield.