A single mom contacted us to see about options for her two high school boys. The single mom looked up Wise Learning Center because of the convenient location and the quality of programs the Fairfield CT Learning Center offered. The single mom didn’t want to let her two high school teenagers to sit at home and play video games during the time when they were out of school and home alone before she would get home from work in the late evening. One of our staff members started explaining a few of our programs, and elaborated on one of the programs at the learning center that could benefit the two high school teenagers. This was the supervised study hall, which is a positive environment that is supervised by certified and trained instructors. The supervised study hall would help the two teens set aside time to get their schoolwork done without any distractions. They would also be in an environment that would provide any needed assistance with their schoolwork because the instructors would be right there to assist them.

The single mom was thrilled to know that Wise Learning Center offered this program, so she signed her two high school teenage sons up for the supervised study hall at the learning center Fairfield CT location. The single mom found out quickly that there were added benefits to her sons being in the supervised study hall. The high school boys always had their homework completed when she picked them up from the learning center, so the single mom was able to spend more quality time with her sons. The boys were relieved to not be constantly harangued into doing their homework, either!