Two parents in Newton, who had home schooled their autistic son for years, recently contacted our Learning Center in Newtown. One of the parents had gotten a new job that required relocation and more hours spent away from the house, so they utilized our autism tutor in Newtown to ensure their child receive the education and mentoring he needed. Initially, the parents were worried that they wouldn’t be able to find an instructor who could teach their child as effectively and with as much sensitivity as they had, but in just a few weeks the parents had noticed that their child had continued making progress in his studies.

Wise Learning Center has been providing this student with one-on-one tutoring by qualified and certified instructors. This particular student is excelling in many areas for his age group because Wise Learning Center has a specialized program for autism tutoring that specifically addresses his needs and is tailored for his learning goals. The student is getting the individual attention that he needs, which is why her parents selected The Wise Learning Center. They could see that enrolling their son in another program or going to another tutoring service would not have been the best choice for his particular learning differences. The parents have been seeing their son engage more with the material and is excited when he is gets ready for the tutoring sessions. The parents told us that they are thrilled with the progress that has been made with Wise Learning Center and their son’s Newtown autism tutor, and they are no longer as worried about him not being able to receive a great education. He is absolutely in great hands at our Wise Learning Center in Newtown.