A middle schooler told his parents that his New Year’s resolution was to read more books, which sounded great to the parents, so his parents sought a Newtown tutor to help provide the student with advanced reading skills. The parents received recommendations from many of their friends regarding our services, which they mentioned when they contacted us.

Our instructors went over some of the benefits of our services, which include one on one tutoring from professional tutors, custom programs, and specialized guidance that is developed for each individual student. The parents were thrilled with the news and enrolled their child. Within a very short span the student began to excel in his reading skills. The student was really happy with how friendly and helpful his tutors were, and has already read almost as many books as he read last year. This is in part due to the student’s enthusiasm, and also thanks to the tutor in Newtown at our Wise Learning Center. Their child’s reading teacher also contacted the parents of the student recently with comments that the student’s extracurricular work has made quite the impact with his schoolwork. The parents informed the teacher that they had enrolled their child in tutoring services with us, and the extra help has made reading easier and more enjoyable for their child. The teacher was highly impressed and wished more students were that ambitious towards their schoolwork.