A parent in Newtown, CT enrolled her daughter in the SAT prep classes offered by Wise Learning Centers. The parent wanted her daughter to be ready for her college entrance exams. Wise Learning Center offers SAT prep classes in Newtown CT that entail thorough preparation and necessary skill building. Wise Learning Center’s supervised study hall would also place the daughter with a group of kids who were also studying and preparing for the SAT tests. The supervised study hall provides a certified instructor that can provide one-on-one learning along with personalized attention, so students can use the supervised study hall to increase their individual SAT scores.

We received a letter from a parent that enrolled her daughter in our Newtown SAT prep classes. The parent wanted to let us know that she was very happy with the results seen in her daughter’s schoolwork after attending the Wise Learning Center’s supervised study hall. The daughter was also able to get a score that she was happy with on the first try with her SAT test, and the daughter was thrilled with the study methods and practice she got from the prep class she had taken. The daughter was so elated that she only had to take the SAT once, and she didn’t have to take the incredibly long exam again, because of the learning skills she received at our Learning Center. Parents in Newtown, CT are relying on Wise Learning Centers to get their child ready for college entrance exams.