Wise Learning Center is more than just a room full of instructors and students. Our space is occupied by hungry minds that are filled with knowledge daily. This affords us so many opportunities for students to learn, socialize, and grow within our walls. Wise Learning Center offers a number of services that can complement a student’s tutoring curriculum and course of study.

Academic Programs at Wise Learning Center:

  • Wise Owl Early Learning Center
  • Intensive Learning Center Summer Foundation Program
  • Learning Center Summer Sessions
  • Supervised Study Hall in the Learning Center
  • Home School Enrichment Classes

Our Wise Owl Early Learner, Summer Sessions and Summer Foundation programs are designed to give students of any age a head start on the challenging coursework they may be facing in the near future. Our study hall provides an environment with none of the distractions that can be ever-present at home. The supervising instructor is always standing by and ready to field any questions a student could ask while completing their work. These programs can be tailored to fit your needs, and our program directors will work with you to ensure those needs are met.

We also offer a variety of services through the Learning Center that can benefit children and teens who may need help academically, emotionally, or socially. We have a communication infrastructure that makes it very simple for us to communicate with school, medical, and social work professionals so that there is consensus across all of a student’s programs.

Social Learning Center Programs Offered:

  • Teen Social Groups at the Learning Center
  • Learning Center Alternative School
  • One-on-One Anxiety Coping
  • Learning Center Coordinates with School, Medical and Social Work Professionals
  • Social Skills Group

We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate a vast diversity of needs, and celebrate the fact that every student learns differently. Our program directors are dedicated to personalized attention and communicating with our certified teachers to provide the most beneficial tutoring and learning center services. We would be so happy to discuss any one of these programs, so please contact us today.