Wise Learning Center was recently contacted by parents in Fairfield who needed some information on the tutoring services we offer. The parents explained to us that their young student was very skilled in math, and he had done fairly well in science classes in middle school on his strength of his quantitative ability. The scientific principles and the theories taught in his advanced classes were now becoming too challenging for him to grasp without some help, and the parents knew that they were not qualified to assist him. The student’s dedicated parents brought him to Wise Learning Center for our Fairfield tutoring services.

The Wise Learning Center staff informed the parents and the student that they indeed have come to the right place, because we provide one-on-one tutoring services along with small tutoring classes with less than six students. We also provide live online tutoring sessions for those times when the student can’t make it to one of our locations. We assured them that all of our tutoring is done by certified and qualified tutors. We gave the family a tour of our Learning Center, and afterwards they all agreed that Wise Learning Center was the perfect place for the student to receive tutoring sessions. He was enrolled in order to get extra help with those science classes, and within just a few sessions he was able to understand and grasp the scientific principles with which he was previously having difficulty. He is learning so much that he told his parents that he wants to do summer tutoring as well, so that when he returns to school in the fall he will be ahead of his class.