A student and her parents came to the Wise Learning Center to inquire about our tutoring services. The parents explained that the student wasn’t quite sure exactly what she needed in terms of tutoring, because she was a good student, and had done fairly well so far in school. The student was interested in enrolling in advanced classes, but was nervous that she wouldn’t do well in the advanced classes. The parents wanted to challenge their child, and since the school year was about to start the parents and the student came to the Wise Learning Center to see what we could offer the student in terms of tutoring in Fairfield CT. We recommended the one-on-one tutoring sessions for the daughter, because it would be personalized for the student’s needs.

The Wise Learning Center staff went over a variety of tutoring options, and the student and parents all agreed that the Fairfield, CT tutoring would be an excellent option for her. The parents enrolled their daughter with tutoring at our Fairfield learning center, which entailed an hour of one-on-one tutoring sessions each week. After just a few months of the tutoring, the high school freshman’s confidence was soaring, and she was excelling in all of her advanced classes. The student had the confidence she needed to continue registering for advanced classes without the fear of struggling with more difficult material because of her confidence in the tutoring services at Wise Learning Center. The parents of the student were amazed at how well their daughter had excelled with just one hour of tutoring sessions each week.