The Wise Learning Center recently was contacted by concerned parents. The parents explained that their daughter needed an autism tutor in fairfield. She had seen many specialists, but did not seem to respond positively to them. We explained to the parents that our tutors are qualified instructors and that we offer a one on one tutoring service that would be catered to their child’s needs. The parents enrolled their child immediately.

A few weeks later after the student with autism had been in several sessions with us we received some feedback. The parents of the student did not initially believe that they would be able to find a tutor that would understand and accommodate their child’s learning difference, and they were very pleasantly surprised when even initially speaking with the staff at the Wise Learning Center. This student is doing outstanding with just a few tutoring sessions, and the parents have both seen an improvement with the way their child is learning now. The couple didn’t think they would see results so quickly, perhaps because every time they had tried a tutor in the past they had not seen great results. They are happy they enrolled their daughter in tutoring services at the Wise Learning Center. The proud and happy parents are not only pleased with her progress, but they said even family and friends have noticed a big difference in the way the young girl is learning. She is more patient and is excelling now.