Recently, The Wise Learning Center was contacted by concerned parents in Fairfield. The parents explained that they did a lot of international travel, and their son’s education was starting to suffer due to their frequent trips overseas. The constant moving around was detracting from a consistency of instruction in the child’s life. The parents enrolled their son in our Fairfield alternative school for his final year in high school, because they felt that this would benefit him more than trying to catch up at a regular high school that has crowded classrooms.

The Fairfield alternative school at the Wise Learning Center provides instruction that no other high school can compare with, because the classes are much smaller and tailored toward each individual student. The parents were thrilled with the news and their son was able to start immediately. Their son came home the first day and told his parents that he loved the alternative school, because the instructor explained problems in a manner that was easy to understand. he also mentioned that it seemed as if all the other students were actually quite nice and friendly. He was surprised that anytime he wanted to know how to do something in a particular subject, the instructor would always be right there to show him how to accomplish any problem. The parents are very happy that they enrolled their son at the Fairfield alternative school, because he will be able to graduate before the summer. He is now focusing on being ready to go to college, which always makes the qualified instructors at the Wise Learning Center very happy.