Nothing can be more daunting for a teenaged student than the dreadful and seemingly definitive results that college entrance exams represent. At Wise Learning Center, we have years of experience in giving students not only the necessary skills and nuanced strategy that every test-taker should have, but we also specialize in conveying confidence through practice and feedback that can make a significant difference when exam season rolls around.

Our ACT and SAT prep classes are offered in small groups and focus on content areas that can aid students of any skill level. When conducting individual instruction, we are sure to find the focal points where skills are lacking to ensure a well-rounded approach to the ACT/SAT.

Our SAT and ACT prep classes focus on:

  • Intensive individual SAT/ACT prep classes
  • Skills and Strategy training for SAT/ACT Prep Classes
  • Alternative School exam preparation

Our alternative day school will also provide exam preparation and ensure that each student is fully ready to tackle any test they choose to take, and will cover the material with the depth and breadth that each individual student needs.

It is very important that each student be completely prepared for their entrance exams, but a high standardized test score does not always indicate preparedness for college-level coursework. Wise Learning Center also offers a high school to college transition program that will help students acclimate quickly to their new environment. The transition program aims to strengthen skills and reinforce a student’s fundamentals so that they can start their first day in higher education with a level of confidence many incoming freshmen will simply not have.

We are eager to demonstrate our experience to you and your student to help them in their journey beyond elementary, middle and high school. Please contact us soon to discuss how we can help your student achiever their goals.