One-on-One Tutoring – Effective Instruction

There are so many benefits to introducing a personal instructor into a student’s learning environment. Tutoring can benefit your child by helping them in a particular course they might be struggling with, or shape them into  more well-roundedness in every subject matter. The staff at Wise Learning Center, from our years of experience instructing students of all ages, can see that it is a clear priority for parents to be certain that their child is receiving all of the necessary help they need. The early success of a child can play a huge role in their performance in other fields later in life.

Our one-on-one tutoring services can play a crucial role in those early stages of learning, and can benefit each and every one of our students for so many reasons. If nothing else, having exposure to one instructor paying close attention to them can identify and eliminate many bad habits in literacy and math skills. Certainly the benefits of tutoring are plain. It may be clearly beneficial to have a single teacher develop a productive working relationship with a student, but what sets Wise Learning Center’s one-on-one tutoring service apart?

We’re experts at providing tutors for students with a wide range of obstacles present, and this gives us the ability to be extremely flexible and persistent in how we teach. Our program directors are able to customize a plan for each student based on the notes given to them after each session with your child. This means that we can continually build off of early accomplishments and specifically target areas where a student might be showing signs of consistent struggle. The earlier they start to learn subject matter in an advanced manner, the better they are going to do as they continue to age even when the children are at the elementary school level and learning new subjects. This way, when you start students off at a young age with Wise Learning Center, you know you’ll be helping your child build a real relationship which will benefit them greatly in the long term.

Tutoring in High School

As they go into high school, one-on-one tutoring will also greatly help your child. Most high school students (even the rebellious ones) want high marks so that they are eligible for a good college and a bright future. Our services are especially important if they wish to apply for college with the highest grades and test scores in order to get a scholarship, not to mention if they hope fulfill their dreams and attend a top schools. So much competition is out there today, and kids today begin excelling early. Consistent one-on-one tutoring through high school to target fundamental skill holes can greatly improve their chances of achieving their full potential.

These days most high school students end up taking at least one preparatory class for college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT, and Wise Learning Center administers these to several students each year. If your child is already familiar with Wise Learning Center’s facilities and instructors, their comfort level in our SAT and ACT prep classes will be present from day one.

Adult Tutoring

In college, subjects become more specific and material becomes more difficult across the board. One-on-one tutoring for adult students allows them to get the additional help they may need to ensure they succeed in their new learning environment. With the right tutors in place a student can reduce the possibility of a poor transition from high school to higher learning. Wise Learning Center offers live online one-on-one tutoring as well, so a student never has to feel abandoned by an instructor who has already devoted many hours of personalized attention to their education. Our tutors will continue to work with each student at a personal level, to help them learn the material and excel in whichever major they choose.

There are a number of reasons to consider tutoring if you want your child to do well in school. The reasons described here are only a few of the ones to consider tutoring for your kids, even if they are only at the elementary school level. The right tutors not only work with them, but come up with personalized plans through Wise Learning Center’s program directors so that your child truly gains knowledge that can benefit them for a lifetime.

Tutoring for Learning Differences – Part 2

Wise Learning Center began as a place that was sensitive to the different learning needs of exceptional students. The founder of Wise Learning Centers, Michele Isenberg, is a career educator who began developing her own materials and curriculum when her son was placed within the autism spectrum. Among the learning differences that Wise Learning Center can accommodate besides Autism Spectrum Disorders is ADHD, Executive Functioning, Dyslexia and communication disorders, and twice exceptional students. Our Newtown, Fairfield, and Ridgefield learning disability tutoring can help a student who would otherwise be hindered in their educational development.

A child with Asperger’s Syndrome or who displays behavior within the Autism spectrum and who may have a hard time communicating ideas will not receive the same type of tutoring nor will their strategy be developed in the same way as a child with ADD or ADHD. We understand that not only are these learning differences very distinct, (in that it is not simply a matter of something like not being able to sit still and focus for a period of time, or a difficulty in speaking or of expression) but that each child is different as well. This same notion applies to all the children that meet with tutors or arrive for other services at Wise Learning Center. We are different than other tutoring services in this way, especially larger organizations that do not have the same culture as we do; our values of of sensitivity and intellectual nourishment are at the core of our mission.

Our Learning Disability Services

It is fortunate that when properly trained, and when students are in the right learning environment, the learning differences described do not always affect the overall extent to which motivated students excel. In fact they can even thrive, and individuals who do suffer from these disorders have been known to demonstrate high levels of intelligence and functioning. The problem is that our standard learning establishments, schools, and teachers are not always thoroughly trained or prepared with the necessary resources to work individually with every student who has these or other learning differences. This is where the right learning disability tutoring facilities can help.

Wise Learning Center is equipped with the right tools, the best tutors, and the understanding of these students to be able to make all the difference in how your child will develop, and how well they are going to do as a student as they continue to progress through the stages of their learning career. At our facilities, not only do we have the right resources, but we have the best people to deal with each student’s specific needs. Our learning disability tutors provide one-on-one tutoring to your child when they affected by these or other differences in functioning or learning ability.

Wise Learning’s learning disability tutors will focus on helping your child demonstrate their own brilliance. It is undeniable that people, teachers, and even some parents give up on their kids. This is out of frustration, a lack of knowledge, an inability to teach them, and a lack of understanding of the disorder or learning disability that affects the student. Wise Learning Center embraces these challenges. We have the trained personnel in place to ensure the best possible tutoring to any kind of student.

Understanding and Encouragement from Wise Learning Center’s Tutors

Our facilities are different than others in that we truly understand learning disability tutoring, its benefits, how kids who are affected feel, and how to properly accommodate with a child who may be both gifted and possess one or some learning differences. We focus on individual and personalized tutoring, rather than a singular, catch-all approach.

If your child has been diagnosed or shows symptoms of having a disorder that affects their ability to learn, this should not hinder their ability to excel and be great. Remember, kids who have these disorders typically show signs of brilliance and can be very gifted. Their problems may be in their inability to communicate or in letting others know how they feel. If your child needs help, and you want to ensure they do well please contact us today. Wise Learning Center is standing by as the best learning disability tutor in the Connecticut area.

SAT Prep Class – Our Methods

The SAT is a college entrance exam which most colleges and major universities require applicants to take. If you are preparing for it on your own, and do not know where to begin, we at Wise Learning Center can help. Not only do we provide SAT prep classes which are tailored to your learning needs, we focus on the areas where you may be struggling. In turn we will prepare you at your pace, and work to ensure you are fully prepared for all subject matter on the exam when the exam date rolls around.

What is the SAT? It is a college entrance exam focused on reading, math, and writing, which allows applicants to demonstrate to colleges one of the reasons they are a top prospect to be admitted into their program of study. Due to the fact that the exam is recognized in the US and other regions of the world, regardless of where you are applying, it may often be the case that the SAT is the only exam that is required to be considered for admission.

How is the test scored? It is based on a score of 600 per section. A comprehensive score is added for each section. So, if you earn a score of 450 in the math section, 550 in reading, and 500 in writing, the scores are added and divided by three. Competition is rigorous in the United States, where a high score is just one of many indicators, but a severely low score can seriously affect a candidate’s prospects, and this is where our SAT prep classes can help. Wise Learning Center’s SAT Prep classes are designed to raise scores by teaching specific skills and practicing them to mastery.

Our SAT prep Classes Services

How can our program help your child? With our SAT prep classes, your child is going to get every type of assistance and guidance they need to excel. We offer reading, writing, and math help. Further, we have professional staff members who specialize in each of the three subjects, to help your child work on areas in which they are not yet excelling.

SAT Prep Class at Wise Learning Center includes:

  • One-on-One Tutoring approach
  • Affordable Group Classes for Skill and Strategy Building
  • Critical Thinking and Time Management
  • Practice Exams with Scoring Analysis and Feedback

The practice exams at Wise Learning Center are conducted to ensure your child is understanding how to work through the problems, and how to answer a particular question they encounter on the exam. The SAT isn’t like a traditional high school exam students at school; for this reason, most of them do not initially know how to study or where to begin when it comes to preparing for the exam. Our SAT prep classes will convey personalized training and guidance, and each student will receive personalized instruction on how to properly answer the different question groups. We take a personal approach not only to facilitate happy and productive learning, but also because we have found this method maximizes the increase in test scores and has for years. We learn what our students should focus on, and plan their unique program so they can get the most out of the SAT prep classes offered by Wise Learning Center.

When searching for the best SAT prep classes in the Connecticut area, we are the company to turn to. Not only do we have years of experience, we have personnel who specialize in each area of study to properly assist your child. As a parent you can rest assured that we take a individualized approach to providing the training and guidance each student needs. Our group classes are designed to give the best information on how each student can tackle the test as a whole, and of course we offer one-on-one instruction which can reinforce ideas even with a few supplementary sessions. Each session will also build off the previous one, as our teachers are sure to communicate notes and comments to our program directors, who put forth an intensive effort so they are certain that your student receives the help they need.

ACT Prep Class – Strategies and Technical Instruction

The ACT is an important exam for any student pursuing higher education. Our Learning Center ACT prep classes can provide a multitude of studying methods for the many types of questions contained in the exam. The exam is a unique experience in each high school student’s career as the format and length can be jarringly distinct from tests and exams received during typical classroom instruction. An ACT prep class at Wise Learning Center will help prepare students with information on the specific material expected to be covered, the format of the exam and exam questions, and better prepare them to excel on this entrance exam so that their score benefits their future prospects.

The ACT Exam

The ACT is scored by taking a comprehensive scaled score of all individual exams for each of the four multiple choice sections of the exam. If a student’s scores were 24, 22, 26 and 23 on the respective sections of English, Math, Science, and Reading, then these individual scores would be added and divided by four to come up with a composite score on the exam. Scores are rounded up, so if your composite score came out to 22.5, it would be rounded up to a 23. So, what is an average score on this exam? With the scores ranging from 1 at the low end, up to 36 on the high end, a 23 is considered close to the national average.

Who should take the exam and what is covered? The sections are reading, math, sciences, and English. It is not required for many colleges, and the SAT can be taken in lieu of it, but any student who plans on attending a 4 year, major university should consider taking the exam. Not only does it give admissions boards a comprehensive look at your overall assessment of subjects, it helps bolster your application as well when you are getting ready to apply to colleges, especially if you perform above the US national average score on the exam.

ACT Prep Class Services Offered by Wise Learning Center

So, how exactly can Wise Learning center help you, and what services are offered? Since no two students are the same, our tutoring services vary for each individual according to their specific needs. All of our services can be tailored for each student’s needs, and each instructor communicates notes to our program directors who decide which areas the teachers will spend more time on. The ACT exam prep at Wise Learning Center can fulfill all of a student’s needs regardless of their skill level or prior knowledge of the exam.

Some of the tutoring services we provide are:

  • Group Classes or One-on-One Tutoring.
  • Practice Exams
  • Section-Oriented Strategy Building.
  • Time Management Focus

We work with each student and determine their strengths and the areas that require attention, in turn deciding which areas to focus on most to ensure they get the most out of the ACT prep classes they take with us.

We also feature individualized learning programs for each student that chooses our ACT prep classes to help them prepare. Since no two students are alike, no two individuals are going to learn in the same way. Our team will assess where a student needs the most guidance and help. From there, we will break down the test, study areas, and devise a program that can maximize study efforts to raise scores as much as possible. When the time comes for each student to sit in for the ACT exam, they will have confidence, control, and the necessary skills required to excel.

As a parent, you want your child to excel and perform highly on the ACT, we are here to ensure they do this as well. Our team is dedicated, specialized, and focuses on your child’s learning ability and capabilities. In turn, our ACT prep classes are unlike any other in the area. We not only focus on their particular needs and areas of struggle, but we are going to place an emphasis on properly taking the exam and utilizing their time so they find success on every section when taking the ACT exam.

Tutoring – Personal Instruction from Wise Learning Centers

Today’s world is filled with challenges. Right from childhood, the challenges start to creep in. It requires an immense amount of hard work from the side of parents and teachers to face the challenges in education that exist today. When we talk about students, it seems they are constantly exposed to various challenges in their academic work and social development, but personal instruction and tutoring services can have an enormous impact. There are also so many students who are very competitive from an early age, and with each of them attempting to exceed the performance of other students it can be overwhelming to think of pushing a child to succeed. Today’s parents struggle so much in providing quality education for their children, whether it is a public school, private school or charter. Each system has its benefits, but motivating a student to excel can be a daunting task.  Parents are subjected to stress when what they have may have wanted was only to let their children perform well in their academics to the extent that the students’ goals are achieved.

These students need an adequate provision highly beneficial learning opportunities so that they are well-equipped and perform on par with their fellow mates of the school. Tutors who coach students at all school levels help a great deal to aid each of their students in understanding their subject thoroughly and providing the students with the in-depth knowledge. Often the ability to convey this knowledge during regular class hours is not possible in the normal school systems. The tutoring helps build the fundamental skills needed to build for a comprehensive educational foundation.

Tutoring Curriculum and Programming

The Wise Learning Center tutoring curriculum is planned to cover topics that are crucial to our students’ development as learners. Our tutors will focus on investing in the future success of the students and provides personal attention towards the students during their sessions. The areas of learning requiring individual and extensive attention are identified for individual students and they are coached accordingly by the tutors. The tutoring also helps to improve the academic records of the students. Test scores, essay grades, and performance on daily assignments of the students can all be improved by these tutoring sessions. They can help teach improved utilization of study time for the students, which can benefit their lives greatly well into the future.

It is quite challenging for the parents to look for the best tutoring center for their children. To all those parents, here comes the right answer! Wise Learning Center has some of the best Connecticut tutoring services. The tutors at Wise Learning Center are involved beyond the session itself by taking notes on their students and communicating those comments with the program directors to deliver a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on each student’s area of need. This helps the students receive excellent academic coaching for the right areas that need attention. Unlike other learning centers that have fixed curriculum, it is not fixed in this learning center and is flexible according to the requirements of the students. Our sessions can be attended with the option of live online tutoring through video chat, so that the students can learn from their home or remotely. Documents and projects can also be shared and edited in real time via Google Drive for the students and teacher to access simultaneously via internet connection.

Our Commitment to Quality Tutoring

The one-on-one tutoring sessions offered at our Learning Center entail focused personal interactions with the students and improve academic performance a great deal. Parents are kept well informed through our strong emphasis on communication and by discussion notes from each session, while the tutors focus on engaging your student and hopefully fostering interest in their education beyond rote performance. We are sensitive to a vast range of each student’s learning differences and make it our utmost priority to ensure safe learning space. We don’t stop our efforts at simply accommodating these learning differences, but work to facilitate learning through as full an understanding of every student’s needs as we can. Through research and personal engagement with parents and students alike, Wise Learning Center has become a shining beacon in education and tutoring services for students who learn differently.

Wise Learning Center has academic coaching sessions for children, teens, and adults. We are committed to quality education services for all students and learners. The earlier we start and are able to make decisions, the more good we can do for the children. We are more than happy to meet with parents to discuss the needs of their children in their academic pursuits so that learning is something each student can enjoy with excellence.

High School Tutoring – Goals and Benefits

No two students adjust to high school in the same manner. We can help your students with our high school tutoring programs whether they are struggling in class and exams, or simply wish to excel. We provide excellent assistance at Wise Learning center because we take education very seriously. We not only want to ensure our students will do well in their classes, but we want to make sure they are ready to go off into college if they choose to apply. If you choose to work with us and let us help your child with our personalized high school tutoring program options you will not be astounded by our service and attention to your and your child’s needs.

The Benefits of High School Tutoring:

  • We help find out why they are struggling and learn the root of the struggles. In turn we can help them get back on track before things get out of hand.
  • We can reel them back in, before they fall too far behind. By finding out why they are struggling, we can in turn find out how to help them excel.
  • We work on all areas they need help in. If your child needs help in one particular subject, we have a specialized tutor on staff to help them and to work with them in each area.

We understand high school is tough and the transition for some kids is far tougher than it is going to be on others. With this said, your child does not have to go at it on their own and does not have to sit back and struggle. Our high school tutoring options are not only personalized, they are going to help get your child back on track, when they have gotten far behind in any of their classes.

Why are we different than other companies and why should you choose Wise Learning Center for high school tutoring needs? 

  • We don’t offer a canned tutoring program. Instead, we work with your child, find out what help they need, and create a personalized approach to help them excel.
  • We can offer group or one-on-one tutoring, based on each child’s personal needs.
  • We focus on the programs and the courses they need extra help with. We personalize each program, so no tutoring approach is the same.
  • Our personal attention to detail allows us to facilitate the academic growth of each student.

We will also work with them on test prep, if they are getting ready for the SAT or the ACT during college admission periods. And, if it is simply a matter of a learning disability or your child is not good in a larger public school setting, we also have staff members on board who can help them with these problems, and get them back on track in no time at all.

We want your child to excel, so we are going to offer far more in terms of the options you can choose from when your child requires high school tutoring and assistance. We want them to succeed and we want to be the ones who are going to help them excel. For this reason, it is not only a good idea to consider us for their tutoring needs, but to let us build up a program which is truly going to allow them to excel in the areas in which they are currently experiencing difficulty.

We do not want to teach in a systematic manner, but rather work with each child so they fully understand and improve on the areas in which they are struggling. If your child needs high school tutoring, we are the team to work with. Not only do we take the time to figure out why and where they are having a hard time, but we are also going to take the time out to learn about them, what they need, and how we can help to make the transition to high school easier on them.

Day School and Alternative School at our Learning Center

Alternative schools are facilities that offer programs a student can enroll in to receive more individual attention in contrast to public or private school. The school  will offer nontraditional curriculum and follows innovative ways of teaching to make the learning classes more engaging for the students. Often, students who are currently attending an institution that is unequipped to accommodate or serve their particular learning differences are the best candidates to be considered for an alternative school program. Public schooling does face many pitfalls in this respect. A public school cannot provide an adequate amount of individual attention towards the students, which is a fact that highlights one of the primary benefits of alternative school programs.

Some of these public schools are underfunded, which means children are less exposed to various programs that are necessary or highly beneficial for their education. Public school systems are severely limited in their efficacy by their classroom capacity and each of them are often filled with the maximum number of pupils. This can absolutely lead to discomfort for the students and obviously does not facilitate an effective learning environment or support for advanced and enriched study. Students are treated equally in the public schools, which is not as common in private programs. These shortcomings of the public school are wholly overcome in the alternative school programs offered by Wise Learning Center. Our day school is aimed at providing quality education daily. The individual attention is considered of the utmost importance in the alternative school programs with only a few students in each of classrooms. The students find it easy to learn and explore various subjects and their specific needs are addressed by instructors who are intellectually and personally invested in the academic journey of each of their students.

Wise Learning Center coaches students with any learning differences or learning difficulties with their specialized and individualized programs. We provide accommodations for such students in our own facility, and are able to communicate regularly with therapists, medical professionals, and social workers. The curriculum of the alternative school programs can encompass elementary school to high school. The teachers at Wise Learning Center are certified and well-trained to tackle the problems and challenges students face with a friendly and encouraging demeanor that enables them to build a strong relationship with their students and motivate their success.

The alternative school programs are designed to be relevant to the current requirements of students with goals of attending higher education institutions. These programs help in the development of the social, behavioral, emotional and academic aspects of all our students. We also have an excellent teacher:student ratio, that is, the number of instructors in our alternative school is always plentiful, especially when compared to the public school system or even conventional private schools. Our teachers are both adaptable and flexible according to the needs of the individual students and are always open to changing up their their instructional approaches according to what they feel each student might need. This makes for favorable conditions for students with learning differences to explore worlds of knowledge and grow into intelligent people capable of critical thinking. The students in our day school have access to a level of support which helps them improve where they may not possess necessary skills, while being encouraged in the areas where they demonstrate talent.

It is worthwhile to note that the alternative school programs are highly beneficial to the students in their personal learning processes. The innovative programs of Wise Learning Center’s alternative school have been successful in many cases and have benefited the overall well-being of students greatly. If the individualization of a student’s education is a priority, their potential can increase dramatically while it is being realized. This goal is quite impractical in the current learning environment of public or private schools, but it is at the core of what we do. Parents have every reason to look into an alternative school program if they are considering how best to create a promising and successful future for their children.

Wise Learning Center – Elementary School Tutoring and Early Learners

There are many benefits to elementary school tutoring, but, as a parent, having questions is natural. When you decide to come in and visit Wise Learning Center, we will be more than happy to explain just how elementary school students can obtain long term success from our tutoring services. The earlier we can begin working with them the sooner we can help them absorb tougher material and subject matter. As your child continues to progress through each grade level and moves on into high school, we’ll be there to offer our support and services. Our individualized curriculums and development of child-specific programming is essential to the distinction between our efforts and other tutoring services.

We feel there are several reasons to consider elementary school tutoring, and we certainly enjoy being able to work with kids from an early age. This allows us to help them engage in things like critical thinking and math skills very early in their academic career. Tutoring younger students also gives us the opportunity to assess whether or not they have experienced any learning differences or need extra attention in specific coursework. Consequently, we are able to devote more attention on their individual needs than they might receive in the classroom.

The sooner we can get started and begin the elementary school tutoring, the faster we can identify what work should be done with your children. They will significantly better off as they continue through the years. It is an important step for some parents to realize that the earlier their child gets the professional help and guidance they need, the easier it is for these kids to transition into middle, high school, and college level courses down the road.

Young students with learning differences can benefit immensely from tutoring. While sometimes it can be easy for an instructor to attribute a short attention span to the rambunctiousness of youth, the staff at Wise Learning Center will take your concerns very seriously, and work to accommodate your student and develop a learning environment that stimulates, encourages, and challenges your child to succeed and excel.

How can we help your kids with our elementary school tutoring? For starters, we develop a comprehensive plan and we use a number of methods to confirm that they understand all of the required subjects entailed in their primary curriculum. We work to impart a better overall understanding of not only the material itself, but also how to study and learn independently (depending on the age of the pupil). If your child shows an interest or demonstrates an exceptional talent and understanding of any subjects which we cover, we will be sure to take note of this and encourage the student in these endeavors.

Our Elementary School Tutoring includes:

  • Small group or one on one tutoring
  • We offer specialized training, so we can focus on areas of struggle, and help the child to improve in certain areas.
  • Pinpoint areas of interest early.

We also work to ensure your child fully grasps the information being taught. If they do not respond as expected, we will spend more time with them on that subject and attempt to find new ways to teach the material so that we can discover a way to help your student fully understand the subject matter. Our elementary school tutoring service allows our staff at Wise Learning Center to help your child, to help mold their minds, and to help them truly recognize the benefits of utilizing our training methods for each subject we work on.

Not only does our elementary school tutoring provide your kids with a fresh start and learning approach from a young age, but we also guarantee a distinct teaching and tutoring method, which no other local program is going to offer. With a personalized approach, we cater to each child and their particular needs. You can rest assured that they will get the most out of our tutoring services and will truly receive the best supplement to their education. Do not hesitate to contact us when you decide to enroll your child in elementary school tutoring at Wise Learning Center