Wise Learning Center’s One-on-One tutoring in Ridgefield is unparalleled to other services in the area. We recognize that all students have distinct needs and learn in different ways. This is why our teachers are dedicated to working with each individual in order to facilitate mastery in difficult subject areas. We help our students identify the skill holes they may not realize they have and provide guidance, encouragement, and practice via our tutoring services to fill those holes.

Tutoring Services offered in Ridgefield, CT

  • Autism Tutors and ASD Tutoring
  • Custom Programs for Twice Exceptional Students
  • ADD/ADHD Tutoring and Tutors for Learning Differences
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring Sessions available

Tutoring isn’t everything we do. At Wise learning, we offer a variety of programs which are offered year round to students. Regardless of their skill level or age, we have the learning center services and staff to help them succeed, then excel.

Ridgefield, CT Learning Center Opportunities

  • Summer Sessions at the Learning Center
  • Learning Center Supervised Study Hall
  • Social Group/Alternative School Learning Center
  • Wise Owl Early Learning Center
  • Anxiety Coping and Coordination with Medical/Social Work Professionals

There’s no question that college entrance exams can be tough, and every student needs training and preparation to perform well. the content areas these exams test for will be taught by our professional staff of certified teachers.

Our Ridgefield ACT and SAT prep classes include these services:

  • Test taking strategy and skill building in SAT prep classes
  • High School to College transition programs
  • Alternative school SAT and ACT prep classes
  • Intensive individual and group study SAT prep classes

At Wise Learning Center we want to see your child accomplish all of their goals. Contact us today or visit our facilities to learn more about the services we offer, or to discuss how we can provide individual teaching programs to your child.

Ridgefield, CT –Wise Learning Center's Ridgefield, CT Tutoring has helped this child succeed in school.

The 300 year old community sits in the foothills of Connecticut. With only about 25,000 residents living in the city during the last census, it is a small, family owned community. Settled by English colonists in 1708 and incorporated under royal charter in 1709, the town has quite a rich history. The battle of Ridgefield in 1777 was the major Revolutionary War battle which put the small town on the map.

At only 35 sq miles in size, a hilly, rocky terrain, and great outdoors, the city has much to offer to the outdoor enthusiast. Mild temperatures tend to stay around the mid to upper 80s during the warmer parts of the year, allowing locals to enjoy the outdoors for many months and enjoy the great terrain and activities available.

Like other neighboring cities, it is small, but is nearby to major metro areas. Its proximity to Boston, MA and New Yrk City allows locals to enjoy a small town feel and vibe, while having the “big city” lifestyle only a short drive away from their homes.

Learning Center Provides ADHD Tutor in Ridgefield

Parents in Ridgefield, CT. contacted us to get information on a specialized tutor. The parents’ son was in elementary school and was struggling in math and science. The student just couldn’t stay focused in class. Our staff at Wise Learning Centers informed the parents that we offered a very experienced Ridgefield ADHD tutor and tutoring services designed to help students with attention disorders. The tutor would provide personal attention at our learning center. The parents was overjoyed that Wise Learning Center offered this type of specialized tutoring, and decided to enroll their son.

After just a few tutoring sessions with us the the student starting seeing his grades in his daily classwork improving. His math and science classes seemed easier for him to understand, and he was learning how to manage his attention in a much more productive way. The small amount of encouragement really important for the student to begin on a path of higher achievement, and also to build his self-esteem and confidence in studying. The student is still doing sessions with his tutor, but is now studying to hopefully enroll in advanced classes at his school. Wise Learning Center understands the needs of students with attention disorders and other learning differences. Our qualified and certified instructors provide individual attention, which is often needed for every student. Our tutoring services provide students with the encouragement and attention they need so they can focus and understand the subjects they may struggle with. The parents of the student has not only seen a difference in their son’s grades, but in his overall quality of life thanks to the Wise Learning Center.