Wise Learning Center’s One-on-One tutoring in Ridgefield is unparalleled to other services in the area. We recognize that all students have distinct needs and learn in different ways. This is why our teachers are dedicated to working with each individual in order to facilitate mastery in difficult subject areas. We help our students identify the skill holes they may not realize they have and provide guidance, encouragement, and practice via our tutoring services to fill those holes.

Tutoring Services offered in Ridgefield, CT

  • Autism Tutors and ASD Tutoring
  • Custom Programs for Twice Exceptional Students
  • ADD/ADHD Tutoring and Tutors for Learning Differences
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring Sessions available

Tutoring isn’t everything we do. At Wise learning, we offer a variety of programs which are offered year round to students. Regardless of their skill level or age, we have the learning center services and staff to help them succeed, then excel.

Ridgefield, CT Learning Center Opportunities

  • Summer Sessions at the Learning Center
  • Learning Center Supervised Study Hall
  • Social Group/Alternative School Learning Center
  • Wise Owl Early Learning Center
  • Anxiety Coping and Coordination with Medical/Social Work Professionals

There’s no question that college entrance exams can be tough, and every student needs training and preparation to perform well. the content areas these exams test for will be taught by our professional staff of certified teachers.

Our Ridgefield ACT and SAT prep classes include these services:

  • Test taking strategy and skill building in SAT prep classes
  • High School to College transition programs
  • Alternative school SAT and ACT prep classes
  • Intensive individual and group study SAT prep classes

At Wise Learning Center we want to see your child accomplish all of their goals. Contact us today or visit our facilities to learn more about the services we offer, or to discuss how we can provide individual teaching programs to your child.

Ridgefield, CT –Wise Learning Center's Ridgefield, CT Tutoring has helped this child succeed in school.

The 300 year old community sits in the foothills of Connecticut. With only about 25,000 residents living in the city during the last census, it is a small, family owned community. Settled by English colonists in 1708 and incorporated under royal charter in 1709, the town has quite a rich history. The battle of Ridgefield in 1777 was the major Revolutionary War battle which put the small town on the map.

At only 35 sq miles in size, a hilly, rocky terrain, and great outdoors, the city has much to offer to the outdoor enthusiast. Mild temperatures tend to stay around the mid to upper 80s during the warmer parts of the year, allowing locals to enjoy the outdoors for many months and enjoy the great terrain and activities available.

Like other neighboring cities, it is small, but is nearby to major metro areas. Its proximity to Boston, MA and New Yrk City allows locals to enjoy a small town feel and vibe, while having the “big city” lifestyle only a short drive away from their homes.

Check Our Updated Summer Programs!

Please take a look at some of the programs we offer during the summer. We look forward to meeting you at our Ridgefield Learning Center (or our other locations) to discuss how we can help your student succeed during the summer and into the next school year

Wise Learning Center Helps Teens with Ridgefield Tutoring and Summer Camps


Wise Learning Center Summer Programs

Summer Teen Life Skills Camp

Wise Learning Center Helps Teens with Ridgefield Tutoring and Summer Camps
Small Groups: 

4 to 6 students
Social skills/team building: Our classes are designed to increase self-esteem and self-regulation through interactions with others.  We will teach students new conflict resolution strategies that will be applied through various techniques including modeling and acting out.  Team building activities are designed to increase positive peer interactions while practicing and developing new strategies for successful social interactions.
Functional and everyday life math skills: Students will work on setting priorities, money management, and planning at our Ridgefield Learning Center.  Students will learn and practice the skills needed to make future purchases while developing their understanding of finances and how it fits into everyday life.  Students will practice creating a budget and understanding money through activities such as planning a vacation or making purchases related to a personal enjoyment.
Secondary life skills: The priority of this class will be to increase independence of secondary  life skills for the future.  Topics will include exploring hobbies and areas of interest for future employment, learning cooking skills while relating it to making healthy choices, and time management.  Students will explore various educational paths and/or job opportunities related to individual interests.  Students will learn how to cook basic meals while understanding the importance of making healthy choices.  Students will engage in activities that promote the importance of time management while learning new strategies to keep them on track.
L.I.F.E summer camp schedule
Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Session 1: June 20th – July 15th
Session 2: July 18th – August 12th
Cost: $1600.00 per 4 week session

Ridgefield ACT Prep Courses Provide Early Opportunities for Excellence

The parents of a middle-schooler in advanced classes came to us recently. Her parents thought she might have a chance at getting into a university early, and she was very excited about that, too. Before she could get that chance, though, the parents thought that she would benefit from taking classes to prepare her. They enrolled her in our Ridgefield ACT prep courses to prepare for the exam early.

The student was getting ready to arrive for her first class and was quite nervous, but when she arrived she noticed that the class was a smaller group of teens who were all nice and welcoming. The prep classes taught her different strategies and skills that would assist her in getting a high score on the ACT. The student also had individual tutoring sessions with a qualified instructor. The student has taken a practice ACT test and scored very high, and she knows that she is almost ready to take the test and get the score that she wants. She is looking forward to hopefully being accepted to a great school, and her parents believe that she may be eligible for scholarships because of age and dedication. Her parents stopped in the last time they picked up their daughter to let our instructors know that we are doing a great job. They told us that she is also really doing great, and has more confidence than ever. They thanked us here at our Learning Center for providing excellent ACT prep courses in Ridgefield.

Tutor in Ridgefield Gives Student Opportunities for Well-Rounded Learning

The Wise Learning Center was recently contacted by parents in Ridgefield. The parents informed us that their daughter was really into board games and computer programming, but didn’t believe her writing skills were as developed as her peers. She really wanted to be able to express herself with words, so she asked her parents if they could find her a tutor in Ridgefield. Her concerned parents contacted us at the Ridgefield Wise Learning Center for help.

One of our program directors met with them and let the parents know that we could help their daughter. The Wise Learning Center staff would be able to aid their daughter with her writing skills, which would contribute to the overall confidence she needed to express herself in the way that she wished. The parents enrolled their daughter in our tutoring services, and within just a couple of weeks the daughter’s writing skills drastically improved. She is now writing daily in her private diary and just applied to volunteer at the school’s newspaper. The parents have not regretted their decision to come to the Wise Learning Center for the most qualified tutor Ridgefield students would appreciate, but also the student is much happier now, because she has the confidence to express herself fully in her writing. She is more outgoing and confident and is even talking about becoming a professional writer after college. The parents are thrilled that they have seen a drastic change with their child. She is now happier and more creative thanks to her own enthusiasm and our tutoring services.

Brothers Enrolled in SAT Prep Classes in Ridgefield

The parents of two boys contacted us at Wise Learning Center recently. They wanted to register their youngest son with us for our tutoring services, because their oldest son had attended  Ridgefield SAT Prep Classes here and the center did wonderful work with him. These parents wanted to enroll their youngest son in Wise Learning Center’s Prep classes as well. They explained that when their older son attended he was able to get fully prepared for the rigorous SAT testing and is now attending a top university. They believed his admission was possible in part due to his excellent exam scores.

The couple wanted their youngest son to get the same type of results, and we assured him that we would work with him on the areas he needed help with. The student began the SAT prep classes and worked hard throughout. At the end of the session he went to go take the exam. The proud parents called the Wise Learning Center to let us know six months later just to let us know that the young man had scored very highly on the SAT. He has a great chance at being accepted into several schools he has chosen thanks to Wise Learning Center. The parents were so impressed with the skills and techniques that the instructors used with the students because their kids were able to learn the needed materials in a way that would be easy for them, which resulted in their success.

Ridgefield Alternative School Encourages STEM Learning

Parents of a student in Ridgefield recently contacted us at Wise Learning Center. The parents were looking for information on helping their child succeed in advanced studies in science. Our Wise Learning Center staff invited the family to come to the learning center so we could discuss their daughter’s Ridgefield alternative school options. The parents arrived at the Ridgefield location and we started showing the family around our learning center.

The parents and the child wanted to focus more on science classes, and once they discovered what we could provide for the young learner the parents decided to enroll her in our alternative school to focus her instruction on more practical fields. This is exactly what the student needed. It has only been a couple of weeks and she has already demonstrated proficiency in a number of practice exams that, once taken in earnest, will leave her in a very good position when she goes off to college. The Wise Learning Center’s alternative school in Ridgefield continues to provide the student with the tools and confidence she needs to pursue her goals. Our instructors work with her one on one so she could effectively learn the STEM material that she is interested in. The student not only has excelled, but she has applied to a few of the top colleges in the country and has been accepted. She said she owes it all to the patient and qualified instructors at Wise Learning Center.

Ridgefield Tutoring Helps Conquer Reading List

Wise Learning Center received a call from a concerned parent seeking tutoring in Ridgefield, CT. The parent wanted to sign their middle school student up for a one-on-one hour tutoring sessions in reading. The middle school student started falling behind in the reading comprehension skills class during the school year, and was assigned lengthy reading to do over the summer break. The student was really having a hard time with the reading list, and the parents needed to have tutoring done for the student quickly.

Wise Learning Center scheduled the middle school student for a one-on-one hour tutoring sessions. The one-on-one tutoring sessions are personalized, customized, and individualized attention from the teacher. The middle school student started his one-on-one hour tutoring sessions, and the parents immediately starting seeing amazing reading results. The parents were thrilled that the tutoring sessions increased the reading comprehension skills so effectively. The parents said that not only did their child’s reading improved, but their child understands what they are reading, and actually enjoys it. This is something the parents never thought they would ever see because their child initially despised reading. The parents really had a difficult time in getting their child to read.

Wise Learning Centers are the tutoring specialists that parents can trust and depend on in Ridgefield, CT. The one-on-one tutoring sessions are personalized and crafted by our program directors to fit each child’s needs, so your child will be working on exactly what they need for success and excellence.

Ridgefield CT Learning Center For Group Study and So Much More

A group of students at the Wise Learning Center were registered together for an SAT prep class at our learning center in Ridgefield, CT. The students were all studying for college entrance exams, and their parents knew that Wise Learning Center could help them improve their test scores giving them skills and test strategies that our instructors teach at all of the Wise Learning Centers. The group of students all started to bond in the group sessions, and they all became close friends as their class drew to a close. None of the students seemed to put up much of a fight when their respective parents mentioned the idea of enrolling in more learning center programs, and a couple of the kids from the SAT prep class even suggested it.

The group of students who were initially enrolled in the Wise Learning Center SAT prep class together were able to help each other study for this very important exam, and many of the students did not think they would get along so well when they first met quickly found common ground within a diverse group. It doesn’t always happen to this extent with each year of upperclassmen studying for their big tests, but it is always nice to see something so positive come as a result of an important an often stressful exam.

Our Learning Centers offers other services besides the SAT prep classes, so please give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss them with you. We have a reputation for excellence in each program and class that we provide for our students.

Autism Tutor in Ridgefield CT

The parents of a child with autism in Ridgefield contacted us at Wise Learning Center for information about our specialized learning tutors. The parents were dedicated to ensuring their child receive the best education possible, and were searching for any help they could receive. The parents continued to tell us that they had been looking all around for the most experienced autism tutor Ridgefield had to offer without much luck, and was really hoping that Wise Learning Center could provide some answers for them.

We reassured the parents that Wise Learning Center was indeed what they were looking for. The staff at any Wise Learning Center could coordinate with medical or counseling professionals that assisted the parents’ son, and we informed them that we are extremely sensitive to a variety of needs. The parents were relieved that they had finally found the right people to trust with their son’s academic needs, and were fairly convinced they had made the right decision after just a few sessions. We were so happy to tell the parents that their son is an excellent and bright student who loves learning, and that part of what he needed was someone with professional experiencing working with individuals with ASD. The Wise Learning Center tutors are committed to their respective one-on-one sessions so students can excel with their academic development. The parents eagerly registered their son for a few other services with Wise Learning Center, and just a few weeks ago the parents contacted us to let us know that they are extremely thrilled with the progress that their son has made. Nothing makes us happier than to do great work with wonderful students.

Ridgefield SAT Prep Classes Get a Glowing Review

We recently had a visit from three previous students. These three students came to the Ridgefield Wise Learning Center to let the staff and instructors know that they were all three accepted and attending the universities they had applied for (and wanted to be accepted to most). They attributed this in part to the excellent training they had received in preparation for their college entrance exams, and were in the area so they stopped by to let us know how glad they were that they had committed to the SAT prep classes in Ridgefield CT that Wise Learning Centers offers.

The three students informed the staff and instructors that the reason they were able to score so high on their SAT tests were using the skills and strategy tools that they learned while attending their prep class. All three students were enrolled in the SAT prep classes Rtogether during  the previous year, and once they took their SAT test and received their results the students were able to apply to their respective schools which accepted them in due form. The students couldn’t stop thanking the instructors and staff at the Wise Learning Center, because without the staff and instructors knowledge and assistance the students would have not received scores to help them on their way. The Wise Learning Center SAT prep classes in Ridgefield offer high school students a multitude of benefits in a friendly and productive environment. The instructors are all well qualified and certainly able to teach high school students to strategize their test-taking method appropriately. Our Wise Learning Centers are bastions of success and excellence especially when it comes to the otherwise stressful and intimidating college entrance exams.