Wise Learning Center is able to provide every student the learning skills they need to excel at any level. Our tutoring services are based on years of experience providing exceptional attention to every student. Everyone learns differently, and we understand this; we offer specialized programs for each student who walks through the doors. Wise Learning Center offers the most individualized and comprehensive tutoring Newtown, CT students can pursue.

Tutoring Services offered in Newtown, CT

  • ADD/ADHD Tutoring and Tutors for Learning Differences
  • Autism Tutors and ASD Tutoring
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring Sessions available
  • Custom Programs for Twice Exceptional Students

At Wise Learning Centers, we offer year round programs to students of all ages, from those entering Pre-K to those preparing to enter college and beyond. Our program directors can help any student by developing a curriculum that addresses their personal needs. We program specifically for every student who walks through the doors, whether they are seeking group sessions,or our Learning Center services.

Newtown, CT Services at the Learning Center

  • Wise Owl Early Learning Center
  • Social Group/Alternative School Learning Center
  • Learning Center Supervised Study Hall
  • Summer Sessions at the Learning Center
  • Anxiety Coping and Coordination with Medical/Social Work Professionals

We only want all of our students to excel all the way through high school and even further. Part of that is preparing for the SAT and ACT. In order to excel on these college entrance exams, you need the right skills to do well on the test.

Our Newtown ACT and SAT prep classes include these services:

  • Test taking skill strategy building in SAT prep classes
  • Intensive individual and group study SAT prep classes
  • Alternative school SAT and ACT prep classes
  • High School to College transition programs


Newtown, Connecticut

ADD/ADHD Tutoring, Online tutoring and a full service Newtown learning center made available by Wise Learning CenterThe town is a family oriented area of the state of CT. It was founded in 1705 and later incorporated in 1711. With a population of just over 27,100 (2010 census) it is a smaller, rural area for affluent families living in CT. The town was settled by migrants from Stratford, and the city center served as an important railway passage early in its history.

With nearly 46% male and 54% female, the demographic in the city is quite even. Median age range for residents is about 45 years of age, with an average income being around $115 K, which is nearly double that of the average in the state of CT. This makes the city of Newtown, CT a great place to call home for the locals.

There are many local parks, outdoor recreation activities, and nearby activities which locals living in Newtown, CT can enjoy. The congregational church and weather vane are among the popular attractions in the city. The Edmond Town hall, Hattertown History District, and Glover House are among the many sites to see in the small town.

A charmingly small, quaint, and quiet town, Newtown, CT is not only a great place for you to raise your family, but also a region which is deeply rooted in CT history. It is also nearby to major cities, including Boston, MA, and nearby to NYC, NY, so it is not too far from major attractions for locals to visit.

Newtown Tutor for Autism Reassures Concerned Parents

Two parents in Newton, who had home schooled their autistic son for years, recently contacted our Learning Center in Newtown. One of the parents had gotten a new job that required relocation and more hours spent away from the house, so they utilized our autism tutor in Newtown to ensure their child receive the education and mentoring he needed. Initially, the parents were worried that they wouldn’t be able to find an instructor who could teach their child as effectively and with as much sensitivity as they had, but in just a few weeks the parents had noticed that their child had continued making progress in his studies.

Wise Learning Center has been providing this student with one-on-one tutoring by qualified and certified instructors. This particular student is excelling in many areas for his age group because Wise Learning Center has a specialized program for autism tutoring that specifically addresses his needs and is tailored for his learning goals. The student is getting the individual attention that he needs, which is why her parents selected The Wise Learning Center. They could see that enrolling their son in another program or going to another tutoring service would not have been the best choice for his particular learning differences. The parents have been seeing their son engage more with the material and is excited when he is gets ready for the tutoring sessions. The parents told us that they are thrilled with the progress that has been made with Wise Learning Center and their son’s Newtown autism tutor, and they are no longer as worried about him not being able to receive a great education. He is absolutely in great hands at our Wise Learning Center in Newtown.

Newtown Tutor Aids Student’s Reading Skills

A middle schooler told his parents that his New Year’s resolution was to read more books, which sounded great to the parents, so his parents sought a Newtown tutor to help provide the student with advanced reading skills. The parents received recommendations from many of their friends regarding our services, which they mentioned when they contacted us.

Our instructors went over some of the benefits of our services, which include one on one tutoring from professional tutors, custom programs, and specialized guidance that is developed for each individual student. The parents were thrilled with the news and enrolled their child. Within a very short span the student began to excel in his reading skills. The student was really happy with how friendly and helpful his tutors were, and has already read almost as many books as he read last year. This is in part due to the student’s enthusiasm, and also thanks to the tutor in Newtown at our Wise Learning Center. Their child’s reading teacher also contacted the parents of the student recently with comments that the student’s extracurricular work has made quite the impact with his schoolwork. The parents informed the teacher that they had enrolled their child in tutoring services with us, and the extra help has made reading easier and more enjoyable for their child. The teacher was highly impressed and wished more students were that ambitious towards their schoolwork.

Newtown Act Prep Courses Help Put Learners at Ease

A group of students were doing ACT Prep courses in Newton to get them prepared for their upcoming tests. The students were seriously freaked out about the exam and extremely nervous as the date was fast approaching. It seemed none of the teens felt that they would be adequately prepared for their high-pressure test. After a few weeks of instruction one of the instructors remarked at how high their spirits seemed after they all just finished a session, and all of the kids agreed that they were a lot less anxious about the exam. This was all thanks to the improvement and success they were having taking the practice tests at the Wise Learning Center.

Several of the students thought that they wouldn’t do any better on their tests and thought that their parents making them take the ACT Prep courses in Newton at the Wise Learning Center was just going to be a waste of their time, but when the kids got back their scores from the practice tests they were so happy that they attended the classes. It was at Wise Learning Center where they not only got the right preparation for their ACT test, but they all made new and lasting friendships with each other. The group of kids plan on keeping in touch with one another after they all head off to college and none of them would have accomplished this without the ACT prep courses that are offered at the Wise Learning Center in Newton. The classes are just what each student needed to enhance their skills and boost their confidence.

Newtown SAT Prep Classes Now Seen as a Must for Parent

A parent in Newtown, CT enrolled her daughter in the SAT prep classes offered by Wise Learning Centers. The parent wanted her daughter to be ready for her college entrance exams. Wise Learning Center offers SAT prep classes in Newtown CT that entail thorough preparation and necessary skill building. Wise Learning Center’s supervised study hall would also place the daughter with a group of kids who were also studying and preparing for the SAT tests. The supervised study hall provides a certified instructor that can provide one-on-one learning along with personalized attention, so students can use the supervised study hall to increase their individual SAT scores.

We received a letter from a parent that enrolled her daughter in our Newtown SAT prep classes. The parent wanted to let us know that she was very happy with the results seen in her daughter’s schoolwork after attending the Wise Learning Center’s supervised study hall. The daughter was also able to get a score that she was happy with on the first try with her SAT test, and the daughter was thrilled with the study methods and practice she got from the prep class she had taken. The daughter was so elated that she only had to take the SAT once, and she didn’t have to take the incredibly long exam again, because of the learning skills she received at our Learning Center. Parents in Newtown, CT are relying on Wise Learning Centers to get their child ready for college entrance exams.

Great Benefits from our Newtown Tutoring Services

Children at any age struggle with a variety of different things. The challenges of growing up seem daunting and endless. Likewise, students at any grade level possess innumerable and distinct ways in which they might find certain material challenging, but that is where our services can help. Wise Learning Centers offer tutoring Newtown CT students can clearly benefit from. We are dedicated to ensuring a positive and productive environment for every student taking lessons with us, and we follow up on every aspect of our sessions for a thorough and effective experience.

The tutors at Wise Learning Centers are certified and trained, so the students in Newtown, CT receive excellent tutoring sessions. After just a few tutoring sessions, the students were starting to improve in their studies. The tutor said that tutoring Newtown  students was not only enjoyable, but academically interesting and rewarding because our tutor was able to help students in math and science. These seem to always be tough subjects for many students, so our instructor finds it satisfying to his student succeed. We hear from our students that the teachers at the Newtown school said they were seeing a major improvement in the students’ work since the tutor with the Wise Learning Center started working with them. Not only did the teachers notice a difference in the students learning, but a few more parents contacted us at Wise Learning Centers to enroll their child in tutoring sessions. Wise Learning Centers offers excellent tutoring services in Newtown CT that learners and students can benefit from.

Recent Newtown Learning Center News

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