With one-on-one tutoring, we can provide every student the learning skills they need, to excel at any level. Everyone learns differently, and we understand this; in turn, we offer specialized programs for each student who walks through the doors. Wise Learning Center offers the most individualized and comprehensive tutoring Fairfield, CT students who wish to excel can pursue.

Tutoring Services offered in Fairfield, CT

  • ADD/ADHD Tutoring and Tutors for Learning Differences
  • Autism Tutors and ASD Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring Sessions available
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Custom Programs for Twice Exceptional Students

At Wise Learning Centers, we offer year round programs to all ages of students, from those entering Pre-K to those about to head college and beyond. Our program directors can help any student through the individualized attention we give to developing a curriculum that addresses their needs. We program specifically for every student who walks through the doors whether they are seeking group sessions or our Learning Center services.

Fairfield, CT Learning Center Opportunities

  • Wise Owl Early Learning Center
  • Social Group/Alternative School Learning Center
  • Learning Center Supervised Study Hall
  • Summer Sessions at the Learning Center
  • Anxiety Coping and Coordination with Medical/Social Work Professionals

We only want all of our students to excel all the way through high school and even further. Part of that is preparing for the SAT and ACT. In order to excel on these college entrance exams, you need the right skills to do well on the test.

Our Fairfield ACT and SAT prep classes include these services:

  • Test taking skill strategy building in SAT prep classes
  • Intensive individual and group study SAT prep classes
  • Alternative school SAT and ACT prep classes
  • High School to College transition programs


Fairfield. ConnecticutFairfield Tutoring, Online tutoring, ASD and autism tutor and more!

The city of Fairfield, CT borders the towns of: Trumbull, Bridgeport, Easton, Weston, and Westport, CT. As of the 2010 census, there were just over 59,000 residents in the city, making it a mid-sized to larger township in the state of CT. In fact, in 2006, in Money Magazine, it was rated as the top town to live in the US., and best place to live in the Northeast. 

The town was originally colonized in 1635 by pilgrims, and in 1939, a set of legal and fundamental regulations (known as the Fundamental orders) were put into place. During this period, new colonies were being built surrounding the town of Fairfield as well. Several towns were created out of Fairfield, and each of these towns later broke off to become their own entities. Some of the towns which became individuals entities include: 

– Redding in 1776. 

– Weston in 1787. 

– Easton in 1845. 

– Bridgeport in 1821, and Westport in 1835. 

The town is only about 31 square miles in size, and consists of several small neighborhoods in the town. There are about 21,000 households in the town, and nearly 15,000 families comprise this small region in CT. About 38% of the homes have children and 60% are married families. With an average of just over $43,000 per capita median income in the town, it is also considered “middle class” by conventional standards, in comparison to other cities in CT. 

Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, GE Headquarters, are among the larger companies/entities which are situated in this region. The town also has several local parks, recreation centers, galleries and museums for locals to enjoy. It is near major metro areas, is nearby to NYC, and is a short drive to Boston, MA. For families who like smaller towns, with deep seated history, this is a great town to call home, and the ideal place for Axis Learning Facilities to provide services to the locals.

Fairfield Tutoring Needed to Balance Skills

Wise Learning Center was recently contacted by parents in Fairfield who needed some information on the tutoring services we offer. The parents explained to us that their young student was very skilled in math, and he had done fairly well in science classes in middle school on his strength of his quantitative ability. The scientific principles and the theories taught in his advanced classes were now becoming too challenging for him to grasp without some help, and the parents knew that they were not qualified to assist him. The student’s dedicated parents brought him to Wise Learning Center for our Fairfield tutoring services.

The Wise Learning Center staff informed the parents and the student that they indeed have come to the right place, because we provide one-on-one tutoring services along with small tutoring classes with less than six students. We also provide live online tutoring sessions for those times when the student can’t make it to one of our locations. We assured them that all of our tutoring is done by certified and qualified tutors. We gave the family a tour of our Learning Center, and afterwards they all agreed that Wise Learning Center was the perfect place for the student to receive tutoring sessions. He was enrolled in order to get extra help with those science classes, and within just a few sessions he was able to understand and grasp the scientific principles with which he was previously having difficulty. He is learning so much that he told his parents that he wants to do summer tutoring as well, so that when he returns to school in the fall he will be ahead of his class.

Learning Stability Found at Alternative School in Fairfield

Recently, The Wise Learning Center was contacted by concerned parents in Fairfield. The parents explained that they did a lot of international travel, and their son’s education was starting to suffer due to their frequent trips overseas. The constant moving around was detracting from a consistency of instruction in the child’s life. The parents enrolled their son in our Fairfield alternative school for his final year in high school, because they felt that this would benefit him more than trying to catch up at a regular high school that has crowded classrooms.

The Fairfield alternative school at the Wise Learning Center provides instruction that no other high school can compare with, because the classes are much smaller and tailored toward each individual student. The parents were thrilled with the news and their son was able to start immediately. Their son came home the first day and told his parents that he loved the alternative school, because the instructor explained problems in a manner that was easy to understand. he also mentioned that it seemed as if all the other students were actually quite nice and friendly. He was surprised that anytime he wanted to know how to do something in a particular subject, the instructor would always be right there to show him how to accomplish any problem. The parents are very happy that they enrolled their son at the Fairfield alternative school, because he will be able to graduate before the summer. He is now focusing on being ready to go to college, which always makes the qualified instructors at the Wise Learning Center very happy.

Rowdy Boys Can Finally Focus in the Fairfield Learning Center

We were contacted by parents of twins who were in a lot of the same classes at school. The parents believed their children were smart, but also described them as a bit rowdy. They apparently were always getting into schemes and not always focusing on their schoolwork. The parents wanted to bring the boys to a learning center in Fairfield for a supervised study hall where they could get their work done quickly. The parents were drawn to the idea of an instructor being available for the students to ask any questions they might have, or if they needed any assistance with their work. The parents enrolled the twins in supervised study hall at the Wise Learning Center in Fairfield.

The parents were very happy with their choice of visiting with the Wise Learning Center and are thrilled that they enrolled their sons in the supervised study hall, because now the twins are actually getting their work done. Before they were enrolled in the study hall they would wait until the last minute to get their homework done and often it was rushed and not done accurately. Now that they are at the learning center in Fairfield the kids are able to get help with any work that they are having trouble with. The parents thought their twins would  hate the study hall, but they absolutely love it because they have met new friends. They now look forward to going to the Wise Learning Center so they can do their school work done quickly and effectively.

Fairfield Autism Tutor Recognizes Talents Through Learning Differences

The Wise Learning Center recently was contacted by concerned parents. The parents explained that their daughter needed an autism tutor in fairfield. She had seen many specialists, but did not seem to respond positively to them. We explained to the parents that our tutors are qualified instructors and that we offer a one on one tutoring service that would be catered to their child’s needs. The parents enrolled their child immediately.

A few weeks later after the student with autism had been in several sessions with us we received some feedback. The parents of the student did not initially believe that they would be able to find a tutor that would understand and accommodate their child’s learning difference, and they were very pleasantly surprised when even initially speaking with the staff at the Wise Learning Center. This student is doing outstanding with just a few tutoring sessions, and the parents have both seen an improvement with the way their child is learning now. The couple didn’t think they would see results so quickly, perhaps because every time they had tried a tutor in the past they had not seen great results. They are happy they enrolled their daughter in tutoring services at the Wise Learning Center. The proud and happy parents are not only pleased with her progress, but they said even family and friends have noticed a big difference in the way the young girl is learning. She is more patient and is excelling now.

Skilled Athlete Seeks Tutoring in Fairfield

A football player was in need of Fairfield tutoring because he was falling behind in his reading abilities. One of his friends on the team let him know that he had been going to the Wise Learning Center. His friend had experienced difficulty with some of the same material, but now seemed to be excelling in his studies.

The football player came by the Wise Learning Center with his mother and enrolled in Fairfield tutoring. After just a few sessions he started to improve greatly after being shown some skills to help him in his overall comprehension ability. The skills that the tutor taught him made reading easier and enjoyable for the student. He is now tackling more difficult novels simply to enjoy reading and not just for his classes after spending time with us at Wise Learning Center. The young athlete has a far better understanding of what he is reading and is reading for leisure more frequently, which is something he never did in the past. His mother was quite impressed with our tutors, and she mentioned that her son would never have just opened up a book and read fun, but ever since he started the tutoring in Fairfield he is spending more time reading and less time playing video games. To her this is a major improvement in terms of her son’s academic achievement. Wise Learning Center in Fairfield provides professional, one-on-one tutoring for all students.

Tutor in Fairfield for Mathematic Excellence

Our staff at Wise Learning Center was contacted by concerned parents. The parents had a child who was in middle school and he was not receiving very good grades in his math classes. The parents had tried everything to improve his grades, and truly believed he was capable of the succeeding in his coursework. The young man was also very interested in improving his grades, but wasn’t sure why he was struggling. They tried private home tutors and even working with him themselves, but they had no luck. His parents took him to a Fairfield tutor at our Wise Learning Center to see if we could be of help.

The parents are thrilled with the progress that their son has shown being with the Fairfield tutor at Wise Learning Center. It seemed that all the student needed was a little more individual attention with a patient instructor, because now he is on top of the subject and derives satisfaction from his course of study. The parents realized that even when they hired private tutors for their son that they would not take the time to actually show their son what he needed to learn, and all they did was just give him assignments instead of working with him in the context of his developed skill set. The tutor at the Fairfield Wise Learning Center had the patience and the skills to see that their son just needed a few new methods so he could work on each problem without being overwhelmed. The middle schooler is happier now with his math class at school and is actually participating with the class to a greater degree because his confidence has risen significantly.

Social Groups at Our Fairfield CT Learning Center are a Hit

We recently received feedback from a student and we’d like to share it with you. This student attended one of our teen social groups and afterwards agreed with us that she was fairly skeptical going in. We were very glad that she enjoyed herself and are always happy when someone who uses services from our Fairfield Learning Center can really benefit from what we can offer them.

Wise Learning Centers offer social group sessions, which allows students to socialize and learn about their peers and themselves. The student had been feeling a lot of pressure from school because she spent a majority of her time studying and worrying about grades. Her parents felt she didn’t spend enough time with her classmates and (with a bit of reluctance from their child) signed her up for one of our social groups. She told us later that she panicked for a short time when her parents told her about this, and that only made us very glad that she had decided to come to the social group and also that she was able to enjoy herself.

She told us that she didn’t realize that it is important to be social as a teenager. She is still pretty worried about school, but is also trying to be more balanced. She told us that she is now attending dances, football games, and parties with her classmates because of what she learned at the social group and with the friends she made at Wise Learning Center. It was really fulfilling to hear from her and we are so glad that we were able to contribute to the happiness and success through our services at our Learning Center in Fairfield.

Tutoring in Fairfield for Learning Differences

The Wise Learning Center received a call from a mother who was very worried about her child. Her child is dyslexic, and with this learning difference the child experienced a lot of difficulty reading. The parent was worried that her child would start fall behind in school without some extra help. We reassured her that we understood her concerns completely, and that Wise Learning Center provides an excellent learning disability tutor Fairfield parents can totally rely on. Wise Learning Centers have trained specialists in learning differences tutoring. Our tutors would be pursuing curricula developed by our expert program directors and are adept at working very closely together. All of the Wise Learning Centers’ instructors have an area of expertise that will be matched with your student’s needs, and our program directors can design unique learning programs based on notes made by the instructor during and after each tutoring session.

The parent was excited to hear that Wise Learning Center was able to assist her child, and we could provide an appropriate tutoring service for the young student. The parent registered her child for our one-on-one tutoring service. She contacted us a couple of weeks ago outside of our weekly sessions to let us know that her child is really doing great since the tutoring began. It seems like it was a great relief to the parent to be able to get their child the help they need, and they also are amazed that doing so doesn’t involve a horrible commute or an incredibly costly service. At our Wise Learning Centers we are simply happy to give another bright student the help they need to succeed.

Fairfield CT Tutoring Services Help Students Achieve

A student and her parents came to the Wise Learning Center to inquire about our tutoring services. The parents explained that the student wasn’t quite sure exactly what she needed in terms of tutoring, because she was a good student, and had done fairly well so far in school. The student was interested in enrolling in advanced classes, but was nervous that she wouldn’t do well in the advanced classes. The parents wanted to challenge their child, and since the school year was about to start the parents and the student came to the Wise Learning Center to see what we could offer the student in terms of tutoring in Fairfield CT. We recommended the one-on-one tutoring sessions for the daughter, because it would be personalized for the student’s needs.

The Wise Learning Center staff went over a variety of tutoring options, and the student and parents all agreed that the Fairfield, CT tutoring would be an excellent option for her. The parents enrolled their daughter with tutoring at our Fairfield learning center, which entailed an hour of one-on-one tutoring sessions each week. After just a few months of the tutoring, the high school freshman’s confidence was soaring, and she was excelling in all of her advanced classes. The student had the confidence she needed to continue registering for advanced classes without the fear of struggling with more difficult material because of her confidence in the tutoring services at Wise Learning Center. The parents of the student were amazed at how well their daughter had excelled with just one hour of tutoring sessions each week.

Our Fairfield Learning Center Help Mom and Sons Increase Free Time

A single mom contacted us to see about options for her two high school boys. The single mom looked up Wise Learning Center because of the convenient location and the quality of programs the Fairfield CT Learning Center offered. The single mom didn’t want to let her two high school teenagers to sit at home and play video games during the time when they were out of school and home alone before she would get home from work in the late evening. One of our staff members started explaining a few of our programs, and elaborated on one of the programs at the learning center that could benefit the two high school teenagers. This was the supervised study hall, which is a positive environment that is supervised by certified and trained instructors. The supervised study hall would help the two teens set aside time to get their schoolwork done without any distractions. They would also be in an environment that would provide any needed assistance with their schoolwork because the instructors would be right there to assist them.

The single mom was thrilled to know that Wise Learning Center offered this program, so she signed her two high school teenage sons up for the supervised study hall at the learning center Fairfield CT location. The single mom found out quickly that there were added benefits to her sons being in the supervised study hall. The high school boys always had their homework completed when she picked them up from the learning center, so the single mom was able to spend more quality time with her sons. The boys were relieved to not be constantly harangued into doing their homework, either!