The parents of two boys contacted us at Wise Learning Center recently. They wanted to register their youngest son with us for our tutoring services, because their oldest son had attended  Ridgefield SAT Prep Classes here and the center did wonderful work with him. These parents wanted to enroll their youngest son in Wise Learning Center’s Prep classes as well. They explained that when their older son attended he was able to get fully prepared for the rigorous SAT testing and is now attending a top university. They believed his admission was possible in part due to his excellent exam scores.

The couple wanted their youngest son to get the same type of results, and we assured him that we would work with him on the areas he needed help with. The student began the SAT prep classes and worked hard throughout. At the end of the session he went to go take the exam. The proud parents called the Wise Learning Center to let us know six months later just to let us know that the young man had scored very highly on the SAT. He has a great chance at being accepted into several schools he has chosen thanks to Wise Learning Center. The parents were so impressed with the skills and techniques that the instructors used with the students because their kids were able to learn the needed materials in a way that would be easy for them, which resulted in their success.