Tutor in Ridgefield Gives Student Opportunities for Well-Rounded Learning

The Wise Learning Center was recently contacted by parents in Ridgefield. The parents informed us that their daughter was really into board games and computer programming, but didn’t believe her writing skills were as developed as her peers. She really wanted to be able to express herself with words, so she asked her parents if they could find her a tutor in Ridgefield. Her concerned parents contacted us at the Ridgefield Wise Learning Center for help.

One of our program directors met with them and let the parents know that we could help their daughter. The Wise Learning Center staff would be able to aid their daughter with her writing skills, which would contribute to the overall confidence she needed to express herself in the way that she wished. The parents enrolled their daughter in our tutoring services, and within just a couple of weeks the daughter’s writing skills drastically improved. She is now writing daily in her private diary and just applied to volunteer at the school’s newspaper. The parents have not regretted their decision to come to the Wise Learning Center for the most qualified tutor Ridgefield students would appreciate, but also the student is much happier now, because she has the confidence to express herself fully in her writing. She is more outgoing and confident and is even talking about becoming a professional writer after college. The parents are thrilled that they have seen a drastic change with their child. She is now happier and more creative thanks to her own enthusiasm and our tutoring services.

Rowdy Boys Can Finally Focus in the Fairfield Learning Center

We were contacted by parents of twins who were in a lot of the same classes at school. The parents believed their children were smart, but also described them as a bit rowdy. They apparently were always getting into schemes and not always focusing on their schoolwork. The parents wanted to bring the boys to a learning center in Fairfield for a supervised study hall where they could get their work done quickly. The parents were drawn to the idea of an instructor being available for the students to ask any questions they might have, or if they needed any assistance with their work. The parents enrolled the twins in supervised study hall at the Wise Learning Center in Fairfield.

The parents were very happy with their choice of visiting with the Wise Learning Center and are thrilled that they enrolled their sons in the supervised study hall, because now the twins are actually getting their work done. Before they were enrolled in the study hall they would wait until the last minute to get their homework done and often it was rushed and not done accurately. Now that they are at the learning center in Fairfield the kids are able to get help with any work that they are having trouble with. The parents thought their twins would  hate the study hall, but they absolutely love it because they have met new friends. They now look forward to going to the Wise Learning Center so they can do their school work done quickly and effectively.

Wise Learning Center Summer Program

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Wise Learning Center Summer Programming

Newtown Tutor Aids Student’s Reading Skills

A middle schooler told his parents that his New Year’s resolution was to read more books, which sounded great to the parents, so his parents sought a Newtown tutor to help provide the student with advanced reading skills. The parents received recommendations from many of their friends regarding our services, which they mentioned when they contacted us.

Our instructors went over some of the benefits of our services, which include one on one tutoring from professional tutors, custom programs, and specialized guidance that is developed for each individual student. The parents were thrilled with the news and enrolled their child. Within a very short span the student began to excel in his reading skills. The student was really happy with how friendly and helpful his tutors were, and has already read almost as many books as he read last year. This is in part due to the student’s enthusiasm, and also thanks to the tutor in Newtown at our Wise Learning Center. Their child’s reading teacher also contacted the parents of the student recently with comments that the student’s extracurricular work has made quite the impact with his schoolwork. The parents informed the teacher that they had enrolled their child in tutoring services with us, and the extra help has made reading easier and more enjoyable for their child. The teacher was highly impressed and wished more students were that ambitious towards their schoolwork.

Fairfield Autism Tutor Recognizes Talents Through Learning Differences

The Wise Learning Center recently was contacted by concerned parents. The parents explained that their daughter needed an autism tutor in fairfield. She had seen many specialists, but did not seem to respond positively to them. We explained to the parents that our tutors are qualified instructors and that we offer a one on one tutoring service that would be catered to their child’s needs. The parents enrolled their child immediately.

A few weeks later after the student with autism had been in several sessions with us we received some feedback. The parents of the student did not initially believe that they would be able to find a tutor that would understand and accommodate their child’s learning difference, and they were very pleasantly surprised when even initially speaking with the staff at the Wise Learning Center. This student is doing outstanding with just a few tutoring sessions, and the parents have both seen an improvement with the way their child is learning now. The couple didn’t think they would see results so quickly, perhaps because every time they had tried a tutor in the past they had not seen great results. They are happy they enrolled their daughter in tutoring services at the Wise Learning Center. The proud and happy parents are not only pleased with her progress, but they said even family and friends have noticed a big difference in the way the young girl is learning. She is more patient and is excelling now.

Brothers Enrolled in SAT Prep Classes in Ridgefield

The parents of two boys contacted us at Wise Learning Center recently. They wanted to register their youngest son with us for our tutoring services, because their oldest son had attended  Ridgefield SAT Prep Classes here and the center did wonderful work with him. These parents wanted to enroll their youngest son in Wise Learning Center’s Prep classes as well. They explained that when their older son attended he was able to get fully prepared for the rigorous SAT testing and is now attending a top university. They believed his admission was possible in part due to his excellent exam scores.

The couple wanted their youngest son to get the same type of results, and we assured him that we would work with him on the areas he needed help with. The student began the SAT prep classes and worked hard throughout. At the end of the session he went to go take the exam. The proud parents called the Wise Learning Center to let us know six months later just to let us know that the young man had scored very highly on the SAT. He has a great chance at being accepted into several schools he has chosen thanks to Wise Learning Center. The parents were so impressed with the skills and techniques that the instructors used with the students because their kids were able to learn the needed materials in a way that would be easy for them, which resulted in their success.

Skilled Athlete Seeks Tutoring in Fairfield

A football player was in need of Fairfield tutoring because he was falling behind in his reading abilities. One of his friends on the team let him know that he had been going to the Wise Learning Center. His friend had experienced difficulty with some of the same material, but now seemed to be excelling in his studies.

The football player came by the Wise Learning Center with his mother and enrolled in Fairfield tutoring. After just a few sessions he started to improve greatly after being shown some skills to help him in his overall comprehension ability. The skills that the tutor taught him made reading easier and enjoyable for the student. He is now tackling more difficult novels simply to enjoy reading and not just for his classes after spending time with us at Wise Learning Center. The young athlete has a far better understanding of what he is reading and is reading for leisure more frequently, which is something he never did in the past. His mother was quite impressed with our tutors, and she mentioned that her son would never have just opened up a book and read fun, but ever since he started the tutoring in Fairfield he is spending more time reading and less time playing video games. To her this is a major improvement in terms of her son’s academic achievement. Wise Learning Center in Fairfield provides professional, one-on-one tutoring for all students.

Tutor in Fairfield for Mathematic Excellence

Our staff at Wise Learning Center was contacted by concerned parents. The parents had a child who was in middle school and he was not receiving very good grades in his math classes. The parents had tried everything to improve his grades, and truly believed he was capable of the succeeding in his coursework. The young man was also very interested in improving his grades, but wasn’t sure why he was struggling. They tried private home tutors and even working with him themselves, but they had no luck. His parents took him to a Fairfield tutor at our Wise Learning Center to see if we could be of help.

The parents are thrilled with the progress that their son has shown being with the Fairfield tutor at Wise Learning Center. It seemed that all the student needed was a little more individual attention with a patient instructor, because now he is on top of the subject and derives satisfaction from his course of study. The parents realized that even when they hired private tutors for their son that they would not take the time to actually show their son what he needed to learn, and all they did was just give him assignments instead of working with him in the context of his developed skill set. The tutor at the Fairfield Wise Learning Center had the patience and the skills to see that their son just needed a few new methods so he could work on each problem without being overwhelmed. The middle schooler is happier now with his math class at school and is actually participating with the class to a greater degree because his confidence has risen significantly.

Newtown Act Prep Courses Help Put Learners at Ease

A group of students were doing ACT Prep courses in Newton to get them prepared for their upcoming tests. The students were seriously freaked out about the exam and extremely nervous as the date was fast approaching. It seemed none of the teens felt that they would be adequately prepared for their high-pressure test. After a few weeks of instruction one of the instructors remarked at how high their spirits seemed after they all just finished a session, and all of the kids agreed that they were a lot less anxious about the exam. This was all thanks to the improvement and success they were having taking the practice tests at the Wise Learning Center.

Several of the students thought that they wouldn’t do any better on their tests and thought that their parents making them take the ACT Prep courses in Newton at the Wise Learning Center was just going to be a waste of their time, but when the kids got back their scores from the practice tests they were so happy that they attended the classes. It was at Wise Learning Center where they not only got the right preparation for their ACT test, but they all made new and lasting friendships with each other. The group of kids plan on keeping in touch with one another after they all head off to college and none of them would have accomplished this without the ACT prep courses that are offered at the Wise Learning Center in Newton. The classes are just what each student needed to enhance their skills and boost their confidence.

Ridgefield Alternative School Encourages STEM Learning

Parents of a student in Ridgefield recently contacted us at Wise Learning Center. The parents were looking for information on helping their child succeed in advanced studies in science. Our Wise Learning Center staff invited the family to come to the learning center so we could discuss their daughter’s Ridgefield alternative school options. The parents arrived at the Ridgefield location and we started showing the family around our learning center.

The parents and the child wanted to focus more on science classes, and once they discovered what we could provide for the young learner the parents decided to enroll her in our alternative school to focus her instruction on more practical fields. This is exactly what the student needed. It has only been a couple of weeks and she has already demonstrated proficiency in a number of practice exams that, once taken in earnest, will leave her in a very good position when she goes off to college. The Wise Learning Center’s alternative school in Ridgefield continues to provide the student with the tools and confidence she needs to pursue her goals. Our instructors work with her one on one so she could effectively learn the STEM material that she is interested in. The student not only has excelled, but she has applied to a few of the top colleges in the country and has been accepted. She said she owes it all to the patient and qualified instructors at Wise Learning Center.