The parents of a child with autism in Ridgefield contacted us at Wise Learning Center for information about our specialized learning tutors. The parents were dedicated to ensuring their child receive the best education possible, and were searching for any help they could receive. The parents continued to tell us that they had been looking all around for the most experienced autism tutor Ridgefield had to offer without much luck, and was really hoping that Wise Learning Center could provide some answers for them.

We reassured the parents that Wise Learning Center was indeed what they were looking for. The staff at any Wise Learning Center could coordinate with medical or counseling professionals that assisted the parents’ son, and we informed them that we are extremely sensitive to a variety of needs. The parents were relieved that they had finally found the right people to trust with their son’s academic needs, and were fairly convinced they had made the right decision after just a few sessions. We were so happy to tell the parents that their son is an excellent and bright student who loves learning, and that part of what he needed was someone with professional experiencing working with individuals with ASD. The Wise Learning Center tutors are committed to their respective one-on-one sessions so students can excel with their academic development. The parents eagerly registered their son for a few other services with Wise Learning Center, and just a few weeks ago the parents contacted us to let us know that they are extremely thrilled with the progress that their son has made. Nothing makes us happier than to do great work with wonderful students.